GT GOTY Awards 2009: Best Trailer

Gametrailers continues its Game of the Year awards, next up, best trailer.

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gaffyh3219d ago

Really surprised that God of War 3 didn't win, that is easily the best trailer imo.

sikbeta3219d ago

Nah, TLG trailer is Just Beautiful and It didn't need to be Badass as GOW3 Trailer

Marceles3219d ago

Nice win by TLG, usually the artsy trailers don't get as much praise as they deserve. I thought for sure they would've gave it to Halo or GOW

swiftshot933219d ago

The Last Guardian is my most anticipated game, the trailer was beyond phenomenal. I still cant believe that trailer was in-game, it is easily the best looking game Ive ever seen from a technical and artistic standpoint.

Obama3219d ago

Mind all of you that the Last Guardian trailer is in-game, which pushes art and gameplay to another level.

jalen2473219d ago

Well deserved win for Sony. Sony continues to show everyone why they are in the leadership position in the video game industry.

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