Does SEGA Want Yakuza 3 to fail?

Kyle of Insert-Disc looks at the potential failure of the upcoming game Yakuza 3 due to its unfortunate March release date.

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RememberThe3573220d ago

They are going to release the game right when they shouldn't then blame us gamers for not buying it. That's exactly what happened the last two times. It's as though SEGA doesn't ant they're games to sell.

We've got Battlefield, GOW3, FF13, and even Ghost Recon 4 is expected in March. Yakuza 3 needs to be a summer game release, just to separate it from everyone else.

30sec3220d ago

I disagree. Why do you think they only sold it in Japan initially? To make money. At this point, all the NA/EU releases are going to do is make money. Regardless how little they may or may not sell.

Dragun6193220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I think Sega would rather put the game out there as soon as they can rather than delay it just to release it later in 2010 like Capcom to maximize the potential sales.

People will buy it because its one of the most requested games from Sega. Plus they probably understand that the sales wont be great from the start as they know from looking from how much Yakuza 1&2 and Valkyria Chronicles have sold that it will sell overtime.

I don't see why its a problem for them not to release it in March, because as a gamer, I would rather have the option available than not especially since the game been gold with Sega rolling along with development of the Yakuza 4.

Sarcasm3220d ago

I don't see why they couldn't have just pushed it into Feb or April. Heck, April might be fine considering that's around when GT5 hits. And GT5 is a completely different demographic so it might not even put a dent on Yakuza 3 sales. But March? I have to agree with others, it's such a bad move. I'd be lucky to rent it.

Noctis Aftermath3219d ago

I agree, SEGA JP need to put the boot into SEGA US and get them to release the game on a better date, a march release is like taking your prize winning cow into the slaughterhouse when you intended to show it off at the show.

jcgamer3219d ago

My guess is that it will be hard to find in some areas at retail, unfortunately...if you shop online, you'll surely be more likely to find it ( for sure)...I'm just glad SEGA is releasing it!


GVON3219d ago

I'm buying yakuza over FF13.There's something about 13,I get the feeling I wont like it.obviously I got 14 and Vs 13 so I may get it just for the sake of having all 3.

Redempteur3219d ago

after the release date of SOooo many games ..annoncing Yakuza 3 in the SAME time frame is suicidal..sorry i love this franchise i will buy it in march... but some people on sega SIDE need a serious KICK in the *** because the keep doing stupid things ...

i fail to see the appeal of sega racing all stars for example ..

it seems like everyone wants to go in march and only a few will remain intact

mikeslemonade3219d ago

Since it was released in Japan all the game is trying to do is get some extra sales here in the US. There is no "right" time to release the game. There's competition through out the whole year.

hazeblaze3219d ago

The guys at Sega are idiots when it comes to picking out release dates. They did the same thing to sabotage Yakuza 2, which was an excellent game.

And to the idiot that claimed Sega just wants to make money, that is exactly why they should NOT be releasing the game in March... The game is going to sell FAR LESS in March than it would in April or May. Most PS3 gamers are not going to pick up Yakuza 3 over FF XIII or GOWIII, period. And for a significant number of gamers, they can only afford to buy 1-2 games every so often. I will be buying all 3 day one, but I'm a hardcore gamer... this was a dumb move by Sega.

nycredude3219d ago

If this one is anything Like Yakuza 1 and 2 then it's a first day buy for me, as it should be for you guys. As flawed as teh first and second was teh story was outstanding and just being a badass muther f'ing everyone up felt so good! It an open world fighting game with great stories.

Uzesgelen_Goo3219d ago

i disagree with you guys those saying needs to delay to summer.
there is no need to delay games, there is many ppl waiting game more than you ppl

Ryo-Hazuki3219d ago

Sega released Shenmue and it didnt sell enough to break even. Turns out that every owner of the Dreamcast would have to buy the game twice for it to break even...well then sega blames us for not buying it. Typical Sega, bunch of idiots over there.

tonsoffun3219d ago

I'm sorry guys, but if the game doesn't sell well, then it's our fault, the fans of Yakuza. Simple as that. We have pitched hissy fit after hissy fit to get this game released and then when they do, we moan about the time frame?

If you are a fan of the series, then you will buy the game, regardless of release date.

Keith Olbermann3219d ago

All we have are god of war and devil may cry clones coming out then.

dgroundwater3219d ago

Ghost Recon in March? Your point still stands but I have no idea why you think a new GR is coming out.

Christopher3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Sega is run by a bunch of idiots when it comes to properly giving the Western audience its just desserts with these type of games.

Regardless, the Yakuza games are great and deserve to be bought even if you won't be playing it for a month or three due to other releases.

rezenu3219d ago

I'm buying it but I agree with the bad move part.

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Assassin Creed3219d ago


Raoh3220d ago

i may rent it.. sometime in late spring..

but may/june would have been a better release date...

DrWan3220d ago

Is like asking if ur mom wants u to fail..obviously the answer is no. It's not even a rhetorical question.

mastiffchild3219d ago

You think? I'm not sure after having to scour the stores and eventually buy the first two Yakuza games online that they(Sega)really care if the west buys into the series anymore. They never pushed it, never advertised it and never even stocked it well enough in the past for it to have a chance and this latest idiotic move looks to fit the MO for western Yakuza releases.March is a daft option for the game and if we know that so must Sega. the question is why have Sega NEVER given the game any chance in either the EU or the US?

I guess that now with region free BR PS3 games they should be able to make profit a lot more easily than in the past-say if they'd just released the game in import form with a download for the relevent subtitles for your region, no? that almost eliminates all localisation costs, cuts production to the same run of discs even so , if exploited correctly, should allow a decent marketing push for Y3 setting them up a useful fanbase for Y4, no? Yet it just isn't happening like this, is it? Sure, they aren't doing full localisation but everything else is just like always-an afterthought that it feels they didn't want to bother with and for the life of me, I don't know why it pans out this way every single time.

We time served Yakuza fans in the west KNEW Sega would eventually release the game out here but why they haven't given it a chance is beyond me and we can only hope(if we want Yakuza four before PS4 releases worldwide)that Y3 still manages to sell as well, or nearly as well, as it should have done given a decent release with all that entails(i.E the marketing and stiock that probably won't be there).

So, yeah, it should be a daft, rhetorical question but given Sega's apathy over Yakuza's weatern hopes who knows fopr sure? To me it's one of gaming's biggest recurring mysteries.

unrealgamer583220d ago

yeah that's just begging for hits. I say move the release window to the barren wasteland we know as summer and reap the rewards

DrWan3220d ago

Moving it to sometimes in Apirl-June probably best for this game. Not that it is a bad game, but it will get lost for sure in the first few months.

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