GT GOTY Awards 2009: Best Multiplayer

Gametrailers continues its Game of the Year awards, next up, best multiplayer.

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ToastyMcNibbles3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

im gonna guess without watching...hmm this is tough...ummmm Modern Warfare 2!? i cant see the whole thing because the internet at my job blows but if it is indeed modern warfare 2 then it comes as no surprise

i gotta tell you i've watched the majority of the GT game of the year awards and these guys really ride the modern warfare shlong hard lol i mean yeah uncharted 2 has taken a lot of awards but i know damn well the GT guys hate admitting that uncharted 2 is a better overall package

-Alpha3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

We can accuse GT all we want, and I'm not going to disagree with you, but GT is not the only place giving MW2 best Multiplayer of the year.

The game had a solid multiplayer, contained most of the factors that made CoD4 great, and added much more variety than Treyarch did with World at War's multiplayer. Additionally, Infinity Ward put in a very challenging co-op mode.

The main split seems to be between MW2 and K2. K2 didn't even have co-op which was a huge disappointment.

Anyways, I can see why MW2 would get the best multiplayer of the year, and as for GameTrailers, I think I'll wait to see their GOTY before I start blasting them.

This whole "GT loves MW" started when GT accused UC2 of being linear or something, but failed to mention the same for MW2.

The problem I have with UC2 fanboys is that they are very aggressive and won't take anything less than 10/10.

It's quite ridiculous actually. When someone scores 9.9/10 for UC2 they whine and say "they should bump it to a 10/10, they just can't let go of their bias", etc.

Never mind the fact that I can list a couple of issues with UC2 that keep it from perfection, but I've seen many UC2 fans throw fits with UC2 getting a lick of criticism.

When Gamespot gave GOTY to Demon's Souls they argued some more. They likely didn't even play Demon's Souls nor understand the brilliancy of the game, but like I said, some UC2 fans defend the game blindly. When Gamespot didn't give UC2 10/10, the forums on Gamespot were full of people criticizing the reviewer's issues with the game (despite the review coming even before the fanboys played it).

I too was all for UC2 taking GOTY, and I don't mind that people love it, but UC2 fanboys get a little irrational when they don't see UC2 win GOTY, get 10/10, etc.

Now, unless the same reviewer wrote both reviews for UC2 and MW2, I can understand the inconsistency in the writing of the reviews.

If the same reviewer wrote both reviews then I'd be a little questionable, but considering the fact that we are comparing a FPS to a TPS, I'd STILL not jump to any conclusions. It's one thing to be skeptical, but another for me to think the whole of GT is out to get Sony.

I don't understand why people judge a website based on one reviewer. It's senseless.

Anyways, I've always been doubtful with GameTrailers, but I'm not going to start accusing them unless I have solid information, and I don't think inconsistent review criticisms is fair to accuse GT because a lot of sites do it. UC2 reviews were watched like a hawk by fans, and ANY little discrepancy was exaggerated.

Edit: The same guy seems to do the voice over for nearly every GT review I've seen. I'm not sure how GT works and how they review games, but I'd hope it's not just one person writing major reviews. GT may have a MW2 bias, but I certainly don't care who their nominations/winners are for their year-end roundups.

Greywulf3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Notify SDF... GT is now biased! :)

I think UC2 has won enough awards, might as well give awards to Multiplatform games since there sure as hell aren't any non sony exclusives that can win em.

RememberThe3573218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

IMO MW2 is a shadow of it predecessor, and not very fun to play.

rbluetank3218d ago

the whole setting in the mp looks dead on cartoony. there is no grit or grime just bland as graphic of subpar 640p. the games mp adds nothing NEW to nextgen gamming experiences. killzone2 has everything going on 16 vs 16 and ambience at 720p. the mp maps are amazing as well. bs to gametrailers the multiplate site [email protected]@es.


Considering what MW2 opposed to it's predecessor.Not much.
The modernization of warfare was not enough to counter the modernization of borefare.
However,they are entitled to an opinion,I can disagree,but it is what it is.
Killzone2 by FAR for me.......again,opinion.

unrealgamer583218d ago

notify you're mother you're basement room is leaking and you're out of cheetos!!!!!

on topic I'm not going to argue with this because I haven't played mw2 (you know the whole boycotting thing).

But I just wanted to ask everyone what's youre best multiplayer experience this decade?

A LIVING LEGEND3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Warhawk,MGO,Cod4....but overall probably Warhawk.Some of the craziest,most memorable CTF games ever!!
@Unreal-Honestly,if you played Cod4 then don't even bother with MW2.It is the lesser,poorer cousin of Cod4.
Rent it,but DO NOT give Activision a dime.It is in theory,a full-priced expansion.
MW2 R.I.P Nov-Dec 09.Thnx for coming out.

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