Sony May Hike Blu-ray Shipments by 600 Percent

~The company says demand will soar due to exclusive titles.~ The news service reports that Sony believes that Blu-ray sales will rise dramatically this year due to the exclusive release of several blockbuster films on the high-def DVD format.....

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CyberSentinel4742d ago

They had to sacrifice the Playstation brand in order to do it.

Rest in peace, playstation.

Firewire4742d ago

OMG! your a noob! thanx for that input! you little xbot!

FadedDRFT4742d ago

Jesus man u must make love to yours, Ps3 will live on, so will the 360 if they ever fix the hardware. Each console will have good games eventually and each will make money off this. If you dont like my opinion go do yourself with a 10 inch dildo, Yep 10 inches if you can handle that people...

Fart_Bubbles4742d ago

cyber idiot, in fact the more he posts his insane dribble the more afraid he is of the PS3 and the games that are coming for it.

tk4742d ago

According to DVD Empire the split is now 70% 30% in favor of Blu-Ray.

RIP? Wow - It is the best selling Blu-Ray player out, video content is rising 600%, which means the potential market for the PS3 will simply soar... Given the titles coming out that will make this holiday season awesome... HD video titles to bag... and you think it means RIP? But if Sony sold 10 million PS3's a week you would most probably have said that PS3 sales are "slowing down" or something in that line...

And with the new id Engine demo with 20GB textures - interesting "Sacrifice" that Sony made with the Blu-Ray... Looks like it is becoming essential to the next gen market... and yet you conclude RIP... wowwww just wowwww

ITR4742d ago

Sony I want a $199 BD player...not 600 million $500 players.

Amplifier4742d ago


I want a million dollars and a jet

Greatest saying goes:

"Want in one hand and crap in the other; see which one fills up quicker"


ITR4742d ago

atleast my wants will come true.

Why pay $500 when you can wait and get it for $200.

power of Green 4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

He knows thats what it will take to defeat HD-DVD; no one's having trouble finding a BR player the just don't sell as much/well as HD-DVD players.

Whats #2 talking about? Blu-ray software sales are 200k more than HD-DVD with HD-DVD whooping Blu-rays booty in player sales.

By this guys logic Sony could sell hundreds of thousands if not million of PS3's if they just were able to flood the market with more PS3's. LLLLLLLOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL....

tehcellownu4742d ago

whos not suprise..more movies on blue ray

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The story is too old to be commented.