RPG of the Year

Terminal Gamer's first annual Game of the Year awards announces their choice for the best RPG of 2009.

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Chris3993220d ago

Kind of a safe bet. Their runners up were: Demon's Souls, Mario and Luigi. Honorable mentions to: Legend of Zelda, Borderlands and, erm... Last Remnant.

The last choice kinda calls the whole selection into question for me, as that game was a turd on almost all accounts, by pretty much anyone who touched the game. Maybe they meant the PC version, but even that was dreadful.

omni_atlas3218d ago

Edge Magazine must have been smoking some good stuff when they reviewed Dragon Age; they gave it a 5.

Pumbli3218d ago

omni_atlas - The people at Edge always make bad reviews, they're just unhappy that DAO was better on the PS3 then the 360 (in terms of graphics, though I heard the 360 version runs a bit smoother) and gave it a low score.

Please, never take Edge reviews seriously people.

bageara3218d ago

and i wont stop playing it anytime soon, amazing game, amazing! RPG of the year! mabye even GOTY. IMO

ThanatosDMC3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Dragon Age deserves it even though Demons' Souls was awesome. Both got me addicted but there's so much more character story, voice acting, stupidity, racism, sexism, perspectives, endings, etc on Dragon Age. Bioware knows how to make an engrossing story and good gameplay. Though DA has nothing on DS's gameplay.

One thing i hated about DA is the whole idea of the Blight. The more i know about it, the more ridiculous the whole Warden's Joining sounded. Why kill people who refuse the Joining? Other people fight the Darkspawns just fine. Also, the Blight is only a fraction of the real problem and it's never addressed in the story. Why not slaughter every last Darkspawn especially those Broodmothers underground to finally put a stop to it FOREVER instead of waiting another 400 years till the Darkspawns are in the hundreds of thousands or millions?

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mistajeff3219d ago

I love Bioware, love love love love them and everything they make, almost unconditionally. It's too hard for me to rank my favorite developers, but if I had to, they'd be fighting Naughty Dog and Valve for the top spot. But I gotta say, for me, Demon's Souls > Dragon Age. And as far as the whole "dark fantasy" theme goes, DS makes DA feel like Mary Poppins.

SaiyanFury3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I would have to agree. While Dragon Age had the better story, the all out better game should go to Demon's Souls. Funny, since it's FROM's first really great dark RPG in over 5 years. I have Dragon's Age on my PC and while it's a great game, ultimately Demon's Souls was more satisfying. It's an RPG that is designed to kick your ass and kill you more than a Talon Mercenary member in Fallout 3. You really need to prepare before trying to tackle an area in Demon's Souls. If not, you WILL die. The great online aspect of DS also pervades. I've never personally finished off the Flamelurker Boss in 2-3 by myself. I've always had help by summoning help. Truly a great RPG.

mistajeff3218d ago

Yeah, definitely more satisfying. There's something about knowing you could die at any moment and having actual consequences for your death instead of just loading a previous save that keeps you on edge. It makes every little victory feel incredibly rewarding. The combat gives you this rush that's easy to get addicted to. I had a lot of trouble putting up with Dragon Age's combat, it's simply not my thing and I don't like having to micromanage that much (but I can totally see why so many people love that style of combat). Though they're extremely different games so it's kind of hard to compare them on a lot of levels.

lightningsax3218d ago

Yup, I agree with the above, Demon's Souls really does take the cake.
However, I have split my time quite evenly between Demon's Souls and Dragon Age. They both have their strengths in almost entirely different ends of the RPG spectrum, and on both sides, those strengths are... well, freakin' strong.

I think more casual gamers would be interested in DA. I've recommended that to a few of my friends, because I know they'd enjoy it. I couldn't say that to many people about Demon's Souls. I'm not sure if that's a case study on the national view or an indictment of my friends, but that's how it's been so far.

kraze073219d ago

DA:O is definitely my RPG GOTY.

JL3219d ago

Definitely wouldn't mind checking out Dragon Age at some point (just got too much to play at this moment). I've heard great things about it. Currently, however, I'm playing the runner-up Demon's Souls and I gotta say: Great game. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, it's addictively hard in a fun way. Very satisfying when you go through having to work your way through a section getting your ass kicked around every other corner only to reset and approach it differently to make it through finally.

Have a friend on my list though that's been playing Dragon Age while I play Demon's Souls and she says the game is very fun. I've heard it's much more involving with the story as well. Considering all the praise it's getting it might be the next RPG I get around to playing.

kvg883219d ago

Their both great games with lots of replay value. Personally, I would go with DS, but make no mistake - DA:O is still a great game that's worthy of the award. Both of them are nothing short of greatness.

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