25 Best (DLC) Add-Ons of 2009

PlayStation LifeStyle brings you the top 25 DLC Add-ons downloaded from the PlayStation Network according to Sony.

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Double073220d ago

I was gonna say that, how in the hell is Wipeout HD Fury not on that list. Cant believe that people aren't buying that, its cheap and adds a ton of new content to a brilliant game.

decimalator3220d ago

Because it's not a "best of" it's really a "most downloaded" list, which is really more of a "most popular" than a "best of".

Redempteur3220d ago

My favorites

WIpeout HD fury !!
Burnout paradise big surf island !!

The simple amount of work they done AFTER the release simply show that these are good dlc ( as made after the release to help the community to expand )

Little big planet is good on that aspect too but ..Well too much costume packs shadow the great work they did with teh mgs pack and the water pack

decimalator3220d ago

This looks more like the "most downloaded" than "best". I'm not sure that a couple rock band tracks could be construed as the "best" that the PSN has to offer in terms of DLC.

I'm glad to see some of the KZ2 DLC and Fallout DLC hanging in there. I just finally started playing through the Fallout 3 DLC and have been pleasantly surprised.

unrealgamer583220d ago

I totally agree they could have given ps3 owners the big middle finger with trophies and custom soundtrack, But they kept supporting the ps3's new features.And developers should take note from criterion some games should just be fun to plat, I had so much fun getting a platinum for this game.

P.S- can you guys imagine burnout paradise using the cry engine?!

Socomer 19793220d ago

SnoW MAPS!!!!

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