25 Best PSP Games of 2009

PlayStation LifeStyle brings you the top 25 PSP games downloaded from the PlayStation Network according to Sony.

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Sev3219d ago

I love Final Fantasy games, but what I played of Dissidia wasn't that enjoyable.

NateNater3219d ago

Whats so bad about Dissidia? I haven't tried it yet but why don't you like it?

Sev3219d ago

I noticed your comment below too.

Crisis Core is good.

Dissidia well the controls are awkward, and the levels are so large and open you spend a lot of time chasing your opponent.

Seemed more like something Square Enix threw together to make a quick buck off Japanese gamers.

NateNater3219d ago

Thanks for the info
Have some bubbles :)

mastiffchild3219d ago

GOT to disagree with you on Dissidia , Sev fella-though I do agree that CC was a great game and one I reccommend to anyone whether they played FF7 or not(unless they're hyper sensitive and very anal about ANY little changes made in Midgar!). I think Dissidia controls just fine and the larger enviroments make it feel closer to SE's other games than it otherwise might and keeps it's distance, wisely, from other fighting games into the bargain-and if a little chasing is the price I didn't mind at all. I thought it was a fabulous game and would like a bigger, bolder PS3 version one day! What I will say, mind, is that some of Nomura's character model revisions might upset a few people when their favourites from FFs gone by look a little different than they remember. It could jar a little and take you out of the game for a while-but I guess Nomura has to imagine the overall aesthetic of the game and, for that reason, changed some iconic characters around(well, in most cases, put more belts and zips on them!)which,. given the wailing over some minor changes made to the FF7 gameworld for CC could be an issue to a few FF stalwarts.

Otherwise I've had a great year with my PSP with Motorstorm, Retribution, SO and others giving the handheld a great warmup for my winter of Dissidia and GTPSP.

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NateNater3219d ago

Is Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core any good? I just got another psp after my first one broke and have been wanting to get this game.

Nice list btw. I'll have to pick up a lot of these. Especially GOW:COO.

mastiffchild3219d ago

Yes. Great game and my personal fave PSP game alongside CoO and, possibly seeing how I've stopped playing anything else these days on my PSP, GTPSP(massively underscored at review, imo, and prolly because it takes a good while to get the very best out of it which is something which hurts a lot of great games with longer learning curves these days with so many games to review for media types leaving them little time to even get a feel of deeper games I fear).

Anyway, dexcent list but nowhere near explaining just how good the PSP library has become nowadays after 18months of long overdue support-plus the number of decent to great jrpgs on the system is nothuing to be sneezed at and more is promised with both FF13 Agito and TTB from SE and VC2 from Sega later in 2010.

Oh, J&D were a pleasant returning sight for me as well this year and I haven't yet got round to trying LBPPSP yet. certainly, imo, the stories knocking the library and the sales of the PSP are totally out of date these days and Sony must feel they've done well to eat into the handheld market to the extent they have while Ninty and the DSes have been so dominant for so long and even grow themselves to this day. If you'd offered Sony 55million PSPs sold by this time when it launched they'd have taken it I'm sure! That's a lot of gamers right there. PSP2 should be pretty special, imo, and will finally stop the incessant whining for the second analogue!

Cajun Chicken3219d ago

No love for Jak and Daxter :(

shadow27973219d ago

No love for a lot of great games. Don't worry, this is a list of the most popular, not the best.

Resistance, Syphon Filter, MGS: PO, Loco Roco, LBP, etc. are all missing from the list.

decimalator3219d ago

I have yet to play my copy of FF7:CC, I got it on UMD and then got a PSPgo, but then the UMD drive in my PSP-1000 died. Alas.

stb3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

saying this for promoting CF or so, but if it really died then go home-brew with that 1000 series psp, the best option, and regarding you having the dissidia final fantasy in a wouldnt hurt no one to download it from somewhere..AND PLIS SONY, if the psp2 is coming i would love to no see umd drive in it, it is just annoying to think that it will die, would love better a psp with cartridge. since drive in d psp or in a handheld just conclude it to die sooner than later IMO, mine did with three year of use and dud that isnt mean to happen to a handheld lol but well there is psp go but if there at least were the option to buy the cartridge like d ds it would be badass. but just left wait.

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