Ferrari engineers most advanced Driving Simulator

Ferrari has developed one of the most advanced driving simulators to date.

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Greywulf3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

It really is as if the car enthusiasm world doesn't even know theres a true definitive one of a kind racing game out there... whats its name again...?

Cosquae3220d ago

F1 2009?

Since this is for the Ferrari F1 team then I can only assume it's a racing game with all the F1 tracks and cars on it.

Uncle Rico3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Pretty cool piece of tech

MGRogue20173220d ago

True Racing Drivers practice with nothing but the real thing. :)

Uncle Rico3220d ago

I think you missed out the part where they have limited use of the real circuits due to the rules set out by FIA

phosphor1123220d ago

At my school (IUPUI) they have a huge driving/racing sim facilitiy. Of course the media arts guys help them out with basic design (I've embarked on a few projects they've requested for) but those things generally look bad. I'm talking about worse than PS2 graphics. It's hilarious.

"We need you to design a car for us"
"Sure ok"
*takes requirements for the design*
"the car only has one color sir."
"We don't want anything fancy to bog down the systems"
"Umm.. ok"

mint royale3220d ago


Haha damn right!

Mario kart is the best racer i've played this gen.

Forza McLaren!

free2game3653220d ago

Most of these teams use rfactor pro with a custom physics engine, they test is more for the car and not the tracks so most of them just use the basic isi versions of nurburgring and canada or such with custom physics set ups for the tracks.

The Happy Baby3219d ago

I wish you'd stay out of my life and shutup.

LOL. Jon Gries is the man.

Sarcasm3219d ago

Ferrari is ahead of the curve. It's not like they need any more damn wins after the Reign of supremacy that was Michael Shumacher.

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Kyur4ThePain3220d ago

And this is coming to a gaming device near me, when?

DigitalAnalog3220d ago

Because GT5 will definitely "turn" heads this time around.

**No pun intended**... no really.

-End statement

thor3220d ago

I bet you that this simulator doesn't feature damage (at least in the form of spectacular crashes). In fact the visuals in general will be pretty basic I'd wager.

PS360PCROCKS3220d ago

Ok so you think it has none or very limited damage and basic visuals. What is it you think those 10 computers and 60GB ram will be doing exactly?

free2game3653220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

probably looks a lot like this, a lot of this is for R&D purposes so it probably does simulator mechanical failure and aero damage.

kneon3220d ago

I'd be surprised if they expend much effort modeling damage as there is little value for them in doing so.

Instead I expect this to have near perfect modeling of the car, including aerodynamics, power and all other mechanical components. They need this simulator to supplement on track testing due to FIA testing limitations. I expect this isn't just for the drivers but also for the engineers to try out different settings and "virtual parts" before hitting the track. Visuals are probably near the bottom of the priority list in terms of perfecting the simulation, it's far more important for the car to behave and react as the real car would with different settings, parts etc. on different tracks. That has a far greater impact on the driver being able to learn the feel of the car than awesome graphics. Still I'm sure it's doesn't look like crap either.

PS360PCROCKS3220d ago

Yeah I agree, I didn't expect the damage, I was just quoting what thor said. But I mean 60GB and 10 computers! I realize that a lot of that is for huge mathematical equations that affect physics and so on. But yeah I highly doubt the graphics would be really basic. I mean the cleaner they are the easier it is for the driver to see the track, am I right?

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PS360PCROCKS3220d ago

That's a lot of horsepower for a videogame! 60Gb ram and 10 computers? lol that's crazy, I wanna see that bad boy in action!

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