What ever Happened to Nintendogs? "So now the question is, where is the game now? I mean, rumors were out when the Wii was announced and even a couple months after the game initially came out, but literally no word from Nintendo has come about the game coming out or it being in development, and with such a successful start on the DS, and some exceptional reviews and ratings, what's going on?"

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hatchimatchi3215d ago

i was gonna buy this game for my girlfriend the other week but instead i got cooking mama 3 and eye pet on the ps3.

I don't think nintendogs would be all that great on the wii. The stylus has a really nice effect when it comes to motion. Same thing with trauma center (i think that's the name), the game is much better with the stylus than with the wiimote.

kingdavid3215d ago

Sure it was for your girlfriend.............

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