Digital Content is the Future of the Games Industry?

From the feature opinion-editorial:

"When many gamers were little, there was always a decided excitement from running into a store and beholding wall upon wall of video game boxes. There were always different reasons for this, be it the exquisite cover art that stood out, causing many youths to beg for the latest and greatest titles or perhaps it was the potential of what lie in the box. It simply could have been the possibility of the fun we as young gamers could be having should we be able to get our hands on that box and the video game goodness inside. However, over time, things have slowly begun to change for those boxes containing small potential worlds for players to enjoy. The ability to download content digitally presents significant growth potential for both gamers and the gaming industry."

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Valkyrie833269d ago

I have to agree that downloading Dead Space from XBL last night at 2 in the morning was top-notch - and I never had to go near the local GameStop, plus the price was very reasonable. Great article....

dgroundwater3269d ago

Same, I made my first Games on Demand purchase when buying Indigo Prophecy 2 days ago. It is nigh impossible to find in stores and eBay sellers that actually include packaging charge at least the same amount I paid - $18.

UltimaEnder3269d ago

I think the Arcade aspect of downloading titles is taking off a bit more than the full-retail side, this could be a sign for the future or maybe not enough people have internet connections that can handle big downloads; who knows!

Pandamobile3269d ago

Steam's got 22 or so million users. I'd say full-retail downloads have taken off. Personally, I haven't bought a game from a store since 2007.

OGharryjoysticks3269d ago

it's the only way they can keep up with the growing file sizes of HD games since they don't have a disc large enough. Also considering the fact they are a computer software company I'm sure they would love nothing more than to get every owner online which could translate into a greater awareness for all Microsoft products.

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