Next God of War To Feature Kratos' Brother?

It seems like the God of War developers are hinting towards a possible inclusion of Kratos' brother in God of War 3, especially if you take a close look at the God of War Collection.

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Darkeyes3984d ago

At least one thing HHG did well in that interview was ask about if GOW3 was the last GOW game and when the guy said no I jumped in joy... Can't imagine the end of Kratos so early.... Either ways, the brother concept is always there if you want to expand the story.. In fact even Hercules is Kratoses brother (since he is Zeuses son) and that can be taken as a story angle as well... The GOW universe aka Greek mythology is always an Epic setting for great stories. Can't wait.

deadreckoning6663984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

Imagine a boss battle between Hercules and Kratos! OMFG!
Maybe they'll team up and fight Zeus.

Snake Raiser3984d ago

I think my head will explode...or be ripped off.

table3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

I always thought Kratos was just one of Zeus' goons, I'm pretty sure they are not related... I should know I study Classical Greece. So if it was a brother it would be Zelus or somobody like that. Heracles is a son of Zeus though, half man half immortal; Zeus was a bit of a sexual predator toward mortal woman.

caladbolg7773984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

There's a God of War collection trophy rewarded for watching a bonus video unlocked by beating the game.

Here's a link to the video:

sinncross3984d ago

It has already been confirmed that GoW3 is not the last in the series, however GoW does conclude the story that has been told in the trilogy thus far.

I honestly expect Santa Monica to continue the series with a different protagonist and different set of Gods.

Snoogins3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

GOW's unlockable bonus features and GOW II's story explain the relationship between Kratos and Zeus, so there should not be any uncertainty concerning it.

Yeah, in the GoW universe; just a character Jaffe thought up, which could work considering Zeus pretty much screwed anything that moved. lol I'm reading up on the titan Kratos at the moment, though. Name meaning "strength" which is very appropriate for this character.

I love Greek mythology!

table3984d ago

In the GoW universe it was revealed that Kratos was infact Zeus' son. In actual greek mythology they were unrelated. So I guess they could feature Heracles as Kratos' brother.

Blaze9293984d ago

This is really old and a concept video used in God of War 1 when Jaffe was still the lead director. Since then, the directors have changed continuously and so has the vision. Was probably Jaffe's idea to go in the route of Krato's brother for God of War 2 but that obviously didn't happen. I'm sure that idea was thrown out probably or else we would've seen it by now.

mugoldeneagle033984d ago

His name was Ares.

Or is my mythology not correct?

bacon133984d ago


Technically Kratos is related to all the gods and monsters being the son of Zeus. Greek mythology is filled with half-brothers/sisters and inbreeding.

AKNAA3984d ago

who is Heracles?! are we referring to the same guy--> Hercules?! or is he a different person?

darthv723984d ago

kratos brother is in hades where kratos was as well. I think it was mentioned in the GoW video on the game disc after you beat it. I know they toyed with the idea at one point.

I think it would be sweet if they had him in the story.

On an unrelated note...I just played the demo to dante's inferno. Damn that is a sweet rip on GoW. While some will cast it off as a cheap clone. In all honesty it is a nice game and what better clone to make than a GoW clone set during the crusades. I will get both games for sure.

table3984d ago

@goldeneagle - Ares is infact the greek god of war. Him and Kratos are only brothers in the video game.

@AKNAA - yeah Heracles is just another name for Hercules. I'm just used to using the name Heracles.

Honolulu3984d ago

They will most likely work with another set of mythology if they make more GoW-games. God of War IS Kratos, if you remove Kratos as a character you could just as well set it in a different mythology with a complete new smorgosbord of legends and such to pick from as inspiration, that's what I think at least.

Looking at concept art by Paul Bonner the other day really made me want to see a game of GoW-calibur set in Norse Mythology.
Keep the core gameplay mechanics though! :)

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Skyreno3984d ago

brother huh hope he has hair lol

LittleBigSackBoy3984d ago

Kratos would look stupid with hair. So would his brother.

Kratos Spartan3984d ago

for a nice smooth, comfortable shave. Recommend it to all your friends.

-Sponsored by Kratos

Roper3163984d ago

I personally feel that what was meant and created as a triology should end @ 3. After that it just falls into the milking category with COD & Halo to me. Don't get me wrong I love GOW series but everything must come to an end and Kratos is GOW, screw Hercules or any other character they want to take his place. GOW will end on 3 for me.

BigPappaPump3984d ago

They sure can take my milk money as long if any continuation is bigger and grander than any of the previous games. I might add to continue to tweak or reinvent gameplay to stay fresh.

zeph943984d ago

If the games keep being better then the last then I don't really care if they are milking it.

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