Gears of War Release Date Still Unknown

The webpage for what will probably be one of the biggest Xbox 360 game releases, Gears of War, has been updated from what was previously a October 2nd release to "TBD".

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achira5791d ago

ms lied to all of us !!! (no thats only a joke, but dumb fanboys would say so if sony would do that. i think this is business. perhaps it comes in december ? who knows ? who cares ?)


you mean Epic lied to us!


yes, i'm sure this will be either on or just before the PS3 release date. Maybe they don't want everyone knowing October 2nd is the date? or maybe its coming out on November 17th?

ACE5791d ago

lol go away you sony droid lol...........

finished reading all your bad news on that fony station 3 lol

shotty5791d ago

I think the october 2nd date was accidently placed was probably meant for another game. Microsoft has said emergence day is in November and I doubts that's going to change. This is one of the bigger games Microsoft Game Studios is releasing this year so I'm pretty sure they have set a date already.

specialguest5791d ago (Edited 5791d ago )

if there was a game i would soley buy a 360 for, it would probally be this game. since i don't really have much time for video-gaming anyway, i guess i can wait.

PS360PCROCKS5791d ago

Um shotty, Gamespot and Eb both have it listed as october 2nd and have for months

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