Security researchers: Safari for Windows not so secure

It appears as if Apple's public release of the beta Safari 3.0 for Windows has more holes in it than a slice of swiss cheese. Read more before taking your own Safari.

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BIadestarX4742d ago

This goes to prove that the only reason why MAC is so secured is for the simple fact that hackers arent interested in hacking the system.
Most hacker rather spend time hacking a main stream OS than one with a few users. Pluss most hackers feel like Microsoft is the one to beat. Eventually when (if) mac continue to gain market shares...we will see them having to deal with the hacking + virus issue the same microsoft being having to deal with for a long time...

ITR4742d ago

No it just proves ignorance. Mac's have been hacked before but you usually need physical access or root access to even hack it.

Mayer can shut up. His big call to fame was hacking the Mac over WiFi..then he later admitted that he falsified the results.
"SecureWorks admits to falsifying MacBook wireless hack."

I'm sure the beta has bugs..thats why it's a beta.
It probably has to do with how Safari works with Windows.
Because Safari on Mac has none of these issues.

It's not a number issue.
A Hacker gets more prestige from hacking a Mac then a PC.
Just ask Mayer that falsifying SOB.

BIadestarX4742d ago

so mac has no security issues and in not posible to hack it?