Splinter Cell Collector's Edition is GAME Exclusive in UK

The Lost Gamer writes "Ubisoft have revealed today that the Collector's Edition for the upcoming Splinter Cell: Conviction title is set to be exclusive to retailer GAME, within the UK."

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bacon133217d ago

Agreed. WTF MS. Why would this be only exclusive in the UK. Enough already with the bad decisions MS.

table3217d ago

it's not exclusive to UK. It's exclusive to 'GAME' - a video game store in the UK.

Blaze9293217d ago

I'm sorry...but I could have sworn this was a Ubisoft game with the Ubisoft logo slapped onto it and with "Developed and Published by Ubisoft" on the back of the game like they do all their games. Could have sworn that the description also started with "Ubisoft have revealed..."

So where does Microsoft (who is not developing nor publishing the game) come into all this for you guys to blame them for this decision? Please explain becuase I'm dying to hear.

Staircase3217d ago

What? How is this Microsoft's Fault? Blame Ubisoft.

And i don't see why this is such a bad decision anyways.

ASSASSYN 36o3217d ago

Reading and comprehension fail.

bacon133217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

ah yes, the blame should be placed on Ubisoft, my mistake. I must not be so quick as to blame MS for everything, must have been the morning espresso.

3217d ago
SilentNegotiator3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

....both suck.

ASSASSYN 36o3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

You idiots just don't get it. It is exclusive to GAME (a video game store) in the U.K. Not any other store in the U.K. The collectors edition is available everywhere else outside the U.K.
I have the collectors reserved at gamestop here in the U.S.

dgroundwater3217d ago

Guys the store is not the issue, but 70 freaking pounds! I will never buy this if it costs more than AC2 Collectors edition did. Can any UK kids confirm that all collectors editions are this expensive?

tomsau3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

It changes from shop to shop, and game to game

The SF4 collectors edition, on release, was £69.99 at GAME
Fallout 3 was £59.99 at GAME
FarCry 2 was also £59.99 at GAME
MW2 'veteran edition' was £119.99
I believe the Uncharted 2 collectors edition (just a steal tin) was £49.99

They are all crazy prices at GAME... unfortunately this one is exclusive
However, these kind of big collectors editions almost always stay in stock for ages, and go down in price
Fallout 3 went down to £20 or so
You can still get SF4 for like £15 on the 360

Basically, they're almost always a ripoff at GAME here, and other major retailers, if you go to other places like or gameplay you can often get 10 quid off RRP
but seeing as this is GAME exclusive in the UK, you'll either have to take a gamble, and hope it doesn't sell out, and the price drops in a month (my prediction: it won't)
or shell out all that extra dough =/

Oh, and a little bit of trivia
GAME used to be electronics boutique
and gamestation is now owned by GAME

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Karum3217d ago

Microsoft have nothing to do with it, they aren't publishing the game.

It's all down to Ubisoft and it's a pretty dumb move, it's good only for GAME. Very poor for the consumer who are now unable to shop around for the best deal on the Collectors Edition.

That said though, it isn't surprising you're praising Microsoft for something you have no hand in, judging by your comment history you're a rabid MS/360 fanboy.

table3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

We can expect a ridiculous price for it then(£70) that will likely stay high for a long time.

tdrules3217d ago

go Micrsoft for utter abandonment of the PC platform, go and do one!!
shall be picking up this on PC via steam, but without a figurine BAWWWWW /s

Staircase3217d ago

Rofl what?

1. This is Ubisoft
2. Abandoning PC gamers because you're not going to get a poorly made figurine with your game?

Please be trolling. :(

tdrules3217d ago

1. Do you see the PC Collector's Edition on GAME's site?
2. do you know what /s means

Staircase3217d ago

Sorry man. I'm irritated at everyone calling MS out on this, so i jumped all over you without really reading through it. I'm still waking up. >_>

hoops3216d ago

Maybe you need to actually READ this article. This has nothing to do with MS at all.

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mesh13217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

day 1 !! best stealth game exclusive on 360

look at all the but hurt ps3droids in the open zone go play it on ur 5grand pc( that does not exist).

Ninji3217d ago

They think multiplatform games are exclusive. I guess lack of true exclusives will do that. Then it will just hurt them even more when it ends up on the PS3 with extras.

PlayStation X3217d ago

your a idiot
since when is a game coming out on 2 platforms exclusive?

AliTheBrit193217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

To be fair Ninji it is a console exclusive, and we are console gamers...PC is an entirely different world..

Lets be honest here, you all always say about playing it on your PC's but the fact of the matter, no, no you won't and even if you wanted to, chances are itl play like crap unless you have a high spec PC

Greywulf3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

No, you wont need a high specification computer to run. You have to consider the maximum specifications of the arcade 360 without a HDD aren't exactly Crysis. Not sure why bots think you need super computers to run games that bog down the 360 in the first place.You need expensive rigs to run new game technology.

You can run all multiplatform games on low specification computers, but since computers have more ram than consoles usually do, you get better performance/higher resolutions, and sometimes the developer does unlock a few things for the PC version. Like Dedicated servers/mods etc. You can use any controller u want, and have it on your TV playing with free online.

Its not a "console exclusive" anymore than its a "PC EXCLUSIVE" is it? If it can be played on a PC, you don't need an exclusive device to play it. Think of Uncharted2.

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