China Blames Online Games for Drugs, Murder, Teen Pregnancy

"China's state news channel has blamed hugely popular online games for problems including drug addiction, teen pregnancy and even murder this month as regulators crack down on allegedly harmful content in games."

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Briefcase Joe3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

I didn't see any duplicates so I thought I would share. The story is pretty ridiculous.

ipwnall3214d ago

Like many other countries, China tries to throw their problems on any scapegoat.

Cartesian3D3213d ago

in IRAN (my country) 30'000 people die every year just because of car related accidents.. 30k guys! 3 0' 0 0 0 F***ing human being every year! its like a WAR or sth..
so removing the Car is the solution ?no, the main reason is the Culture of using the car, LOW quality cars,old and non-safe cars.. not the Car itself ..

same here.. when someone died after whatever hours of gaming it means He/she had no life and He/she was the reason not the GAME!

sth like a GAME dont make you a KILLER!! just think about 5 million Gears of war owners ? what percentage of them killed other people with chainsaw ?

I had System thinking (System Dynamics) course with one of the greatest SD professors in the world (Dr .mashayekhi alinaghi ) ..
if "According to the report, up to 80% of the violent criminals in the prison turned to crime because of online games." doesnt mean online games is the reason, let me tell you an example ..

90 percent of 18-30 year old guys playing video games in a country, 5 percent of them using alcohol or other drugs frequently

80 percent of prisoners played video games , 70 percent of them using alcohol or other drugs frequently ..

which one is the main reason ? (EDIT: comparing to other one, not in general)