The Japan Preview: 12/27 Edition (FF13 drops 87%, NSMB Wii >500k)

After an enormous first week, Final Fantasy XIII has fallen in line with previous Final Fantasy games - sharply. NSMB Wii topped 500k again. A spectacular eight games topped 100,000 for the week.

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bmw693219d ago

Wii Software – New Super Mario Bros. Wii remained enormous this week. The game has topped 500,000 for the third week since it launched and is now owned by one in four Wii users in Japan. Going forward, the question is whether the game is big enough to drive Wii adoption, or whether it will begin to decline once it attaches to 30-40% of Wii users in Japan. Super Mario Bros. 1 ended up at a 35% attach rate on Famicom (6.81m games on the 19.11m Famicom base) in the 1980s, so New Super Mario Bros Wii can certainly sell well for a long time if it fully taps that audience. In second place, Wii Fit Plus (the game only sku) sold 120,000 units up sharply from last week. PokePark and Wii Sports Resort came in at 94,000 and 86,000 units respectively. Taiko 2 (the game only sku) also rose this week, topping 50,000 units. In the final data, Mario Kart Wii, Monster Hunter 3, Samurai Warriors 3, Tales of Graces, Momatarou Dentetsu, Mario & Sonic, Kamen Riders and a few other games likely topped 5,000 units for the week too. Expect Wii hardware sales to rise into the 250,000 to 300,000 unit range for the week as the holidays and New Super Mario Bros. continue to reignite interest in the Wii.

PS3 Software – Last week, PS3 topped 200,000 for the first time in Japan, thanks to the Final Fantasy XIII + PS3 bundle and the holiday shopping season. This week, Final Fantasy XIII (not including bundles) has dropped to just a hair over 200,000 units putting at about a 3/8 attach rate to PS3 in Japan. With the bundle lift mostly gone and Final Fantasy XIII down sharply, PS3 will be down this week despite the holiday season. Besides Final Fantasy XIII, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Winning Eleven, and Assassin's Creed 2 likely topped 5,000 units for the PS3 in the final data - but the preliminary data cut off at 19,000. Expect PS3 hardware sales to fall into the 150,000 to 180,000 unit range for the week.

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FrankWest3219d ago

Not a bad drop for FF13 by any means, it's doing well. I'm sure it'll reach 2 million easily

Wow at that Tomodachi Collection

bmw693219d ago

Yeah, the Final Fantasy drop is totally in line with previous games, should still crawl to 2 million without much trouble...

rambi803219d ago

I'm not disputing a large drop in demand for the game.

But didn't they only produce 1.5 million in the initial batch???

So a low availability may also be a factor

Hisiru3219d ago

A normal drop for a Final Fantasy game in Japan. And maybe rambi80 is right.

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