(Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker Hands On: GamingBolt) Big Boss is Back

GB writes: "So having just played the Peace Walker demo I just have to say it just looks and feels amazing. Allow me to explain; Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker takes place some time after the events of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, and once again you take control of the illustrious Naked Snake, or as he is more commonly called Big Boss and new this time his mercenary group Militaires Sans Frontieres."

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sundar1123218d ago

This might be the final metal gear game for the psp. But lets see, hideo kojima always teases us.

ThanatosDMC3216d ago

From the start of the demo, it had Kojima written all over it all ready. Also, this explains explains why they saw Kojima hanging around the Monster Hunter guy. You can have co-op like in MH.

Love that they fixed the controls when you're shooting. A huge improvement from Portable Ops. I just hope i can customize my character's weapons and items and camo.

Gotta love the humor of "The Love Box" from good ol' Cardboard Box. For a PSP game, it looks like the best one out there graphically. Looks completely like MGS3 when played on the PS2.

Trailer for story:

Trailer for the funnies (watch all):

DatNJDom813216d ago

I really want this one. Metal Gear is my favorite franchise. With this I would have the complete saga. I cant wait to see what happens. Hopefully, well get one last Big Boss story WITH THE MGS4 ENGINE ON THE PS3. THE STORY THAT ENDS WITH BIG BOSS GIVING SOLID SNAKE ORDERS TO INFILTRATE OUTER HEAVEN. YOU KNOW OPERATION INTRUDE N313. DO YOU HEAR ME KOJIMA!!!!!!!

Vmura3216d ago

This one is shaping up to be another great installment to Metal Gear Saga, can't wait.

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