Church will face "uphill battle" if suing Sony, says legal expert

A specialist games and copyright lawyer has told that the Church of England could find it difficult to win a legal case against Sony over Resistance: Fall of Man.

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nobizlikesnowbiz4803d ago

They just want to scare Sony into giving them a settlement. They want cash, we all know it.

I doubt Sony will give it up. I'm sure their lawyers are telling them the same thing this guy said.

ShAkKa4803d ago

i hope they don`t ask sony to give them "el diezmo" lol

bootsielon4803d ago

I've said it tons of times, and I'll repeat it again. Shouldn't churches be the most forgiving of ALL organizations? How dare they DEMAND a sum of money? Aren't churches all about HUMILITY? They should have simply released a statement like every other conservative union. But actually demanding money contradicts the fact that they are christian (they're not turning the other cheek), and the fact that they are a church (not being humble). Sony should just tell them to feck off, since they're a worthless church. Then again, I don't think there's a worthy church nowadays anyway...

emptiness4803d ago

corruption is found within the man not the God. your rant should be directed at the individuals within the order, not the order itself.

sorting through your word salad, i can tell that you have no idea what religion is about. your babel left me with the understanding that 1) you're ignorant, 2) you take the bible literally, and 3) you are compassionless and inconsiderate...

good job for showing everyone how stupid you are. maybe you should learn to speak and articulate your ideas correctly before you open your mouth and look like an ignoramus.

Excalibur4803d ago

Not be getting enough from their collection plates.

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The story is too old to be commented.