Tqcast: Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Preview: Best Looking Game Yet

This preview is that of my own thoughts and impressions of the game and not hampered by other site/forums/news articles. This is a gamer's true honest FF13 Preview.

All Images taken are from the TV, no capture cards, no special effects, not editing.

General and Story
While I don't speak Japanese or understand it, the story in the game is great, you really get a feeling of what's going in the game by how well the cut scenes are presented and how well animated each characters facial expressions are. Having a quick read online with many translated dialogue of the game lets you get the idea of what's going on, voices are clear and crisp and the sync of voices to characters are on a level even Hollywood would have to sit back and take a long look at themselves, it is simply that stunning. The game puts you into the roll of playing many characters, all folding together neatly as the story comes together and you are playing each character just long enough before you start with another to keep the game and story rolling, it's so well done.


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mbizzle3313d ago

The first part is really telling:

"While I don't speak Japanese or understand it, the story in the game is great, you really get a feeling of what's going in the game by how well the cut scenes are presented and how well animated each characters facial expressions are."

Final Fantasy games have always been very story driven and while you may get a slight gist of it not knowing the language, understanding the story and intentions of the characters without knowing the language becomes impossible.

Just a hype article.

knifefight3313d ago

Definitely a hokey hype article, and by an unqualified writer at that. "I don't speak or understand Japanese but lemme tellya the story is great!" Really? What if the stuff they're saying is the corniest crap ever recited by a game character? How do you know? Doesn't that kinda kill it? Crappy article.

GUNS N SWORDS3313d ago

I'm not really for or against the article but, you don't have to know Japanese to fall in love with the graphics. I saw FF7 Advent first time in 05 with no subs and i thought it was the best cgi ever.

knifefight3313d ago

"you don't have to know Japanese to fall in love with the graphics."
But I think you kinda do if you're gonna make glowing remarks about the story.

GrandDragon3313d ago

Oh how predictable. :D

It seems the juvenile inbreds have united on again to vent out their blind hatred for this Game. Here we have a very positive preview of a genuine gamer and instead of respecting ans appreciating his opinions, the mongrels come out to b$tch fit and throw tantrums.

I you haven't already forgotten, there was a very similar preview not so long ago, by an author who likewise didn't speak or understand a word of Japanese, and whilst his impression were negative no one criticized the reviewer or disrespected his opinions.


knifefight3313d ago

I would have if I'd read whatever it is you're referring to.

If you don't understand a lick of Japanese you shouldn't be giving the story any sort of published evaluation at all, in my opinion.

And this is coming from someone who thinks the game has some decent potential. No hating here, though I'm sure you'd like to think so.

chrisnick3313d ago

The best looking game so far (after seeing it on a 46 inch 1080p screen)
is GOD OF WAR 3. The amount of detail is staggering. they took some tips from uncharted and just ran with it. jawdropping.

camachoreloaded88063313d ago

And even gives a shoutout to one of the websites he uses. Reread the first few paragraphs.

Noctis Aftermath3313d ago

If he means best looking Artstyle then i can agree, but if it's just best looking graphics then sorry you are wrong, UC2 is the one standing on the top of the hill and FF13 has a decent amount of graphical faults(nothing major, but enough to notice).

CGI =/= graphics by the way, not when it comes to games anyway.

Raf1k13313d ago

The thing about this games looks is the the characters are what give the game such good looks. The textures used in the evironments are good too but the characters take up most of the rendering power as with Mass Effect. This is true for a lot of games but more so for this one as the character models are really detailed.

If you look at the floor (and other surfaces) its like one big flat texture that's well done to look pretty. This works well since the characters are the focal point so you don't really notice but compare it to the amount of detail in something like Uncharted 2 and you'll see what I mean. Still, this is a very pretty game and I'm looking forward to playing it.

bnaked3313d ago

No, there are many empty levels with ugly textures.. I think the grafics are very good, but not as good as Killzone 2, Uncharted 2..

Marceles3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

Thanks for the link Family Guy, damn 132 I don't feel so bad by being at the 55 hour mark.

edit: and yeah, this article is overexaggerating about most of the stuff. The game does look great, the character modeling is great and the surroundings are OK for how big the worlds are. I'd compare the character modeling vs. background to Mass Effect: good looking characters, average surroundings. Once the hype goes down after playing it for a few days you'll start seeing the game differently. every game is ZOMG THE GREATEST EVER AGHAGHAHG the first time you play it, all that matters is how long that lasts. It lasted about 2 days for me before it felt like a natural RPG with nothing else to go nuts about. He's right about the gameplay though, it really is fun to fight and I'm still not tired of it.

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GrandDragon3313d ago

As expected, this game will be awesome. And well worth the money.

Ninji3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

And thus begins the fanboys blind love for a game that has been proven by many to be a mediocre, highly linear RPG (more like action game) with a dull/boring story.

Face it fanboys, the game flopped. That's what happens when you try to cater the game to people who only care about shooters like Call of Duty.

Somnipotent3313d ago

of which he is missing the most fundamental part of (especially in final fantasy): the story. how do you review a game on graphics alone?!

GameGambits3313d ago

Yeah it's just his impressions. Also, there is a lot of cutscene translations out on the net so you know what is going on for the story. Also, people are of course summing up the story in various parts of the net to put it all together. That, taken into account playing it yourself you can easily fill in the gaps.

I myself don't know a lick of Japanese, and was able to predict some story plots concerning certain characters. Just HOW it's told is remarkable if I can break through a language barrier to know an event will occur with a certain character later on.

This game is equal to FFX in quality. If you liked that FF, you will like this FF. Simple as that.

i_like_ff73313d ago

Lol he's using offscreen camera shots to do the review.

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