New Black Mesa model renders

New Black Mesa model renders have come out of the wood works including a Xen Controller, Scientist, Guard, and a Grunt with armor. A working build of the Black Mesa mod is also rumored to be in the hands of Australia's Power Play PC Magazine along with their mod featured on the cover. Looking good there Black Mesa artists, looking good.

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NiteX3220d ago

Wow those are some very talented people.

Lemon Jelly3220d ago

slow but talented none the less

Raf1k13220d ago

If I remember right they're just normal people with everyday jobs who are doing this in their spare time so it's pretty cool that they can do this. I'm still looking forward to playing this when its done.

TheIneffableBob3220d ago

They're slow because they plan on releasing the game in its entirety, all polished up, on a single date like a regular game studio. Personally, I don't think this is a great idea for a mod as they don't have to and they're working in their spare time. Even Gabe Newell thinks the same way -- he stands by the mod philosophy of "release early, release often." Mods have the flexibility of releasing early builds to the world to feedback. Black Mesa could have followed this by doing episodic releases as it is primarily a single-player game. While the product they have now is impressive, it was a very risky thing for them to work on the project for 6 years. Many members of the development team have came and went over the years.

Jamescagney3220d ago

They can take however long they like, if they get it right it will be quite an achievement for them.

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chak_3220d ago

Nah I don't agree, I'm not sure people would come back to the mod if they were releasing bugged and unfinished piece of black mesa.

anyway give it now already !§

Vip3r3220d ago

Looks better than Half Life 2. Can't wait for this mod. But I just hope it doesn't turn out like Garrys mod where it ends up costing money in steam.

Tomarcus3219d ago

I can't freakin wait for this!