Xbox 360 Exclusive "Tenchu Z" Ships

In the ongoing debate of pirates versus ninjas, ninjas have planted a stake in the ground as publishers Microsoft and FromSoftware, and developer K2, Ltd., today announced that the Xbox 360 exclusive "Tenchu Z" has shipped to retailers across the nation. Rated "M" for Mature, "Tenchu Z" will challenge gamers to become the ultimate ninja assassin through more than 50 missions set in ancient Japan and will be available for the estimated retail price of $59.99.

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Caxtus7504740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )


*sigh* how can devs be happy churning this out?

*growls* at TMNT devs too.

Rhezin4740d ago

ya seriously, I mean polish the lighting at least AT LEAST.

dachiefsman4740d ago

I think it looks good...demo was alright...hard as hell if your not stealthing...I am interested in the online co-op.