Digital Battle: PixelJunk Shooter Review

Visually, the 2D graphics look great and suit the mood just fine. It's by no means advanced - it could probably run on a Wii just fine - but the cartoony style fits well. The animations and sounds are great as well, and if it wasn't for the rather short campaign and easy difficulty, it would have been a must-own title for any PS3 owner. However, it's seems mainly geared towards a younger audience and not ones who'd like a good challenge. However, if you're a fan of the PixelJunk series, look no further than PixelJunk Shooter, as it's easy the best of the series.

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OGharryjoysticks3218d ago

"short campaign and easy difficulty" and "seems mainly geared towards a younger audience" says it ain't the best right there.

PixelJunk Monsters FTW!

krouse933218d ago

This game could actually most certainly not easily run on the Wii. First hint is that it runs at a full 1080P.
And the Advanced Physics and Behind the scenes calculations are far too great for the Wii to handle.

I really wish more website authors were tech savvy so they could actually understand what they just wrote about.

3218d ago