ONM: The Best Wii Games

Just got a Wii? Want to know what games to buy? Here's your guide to the best games the console has to offer.

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hatchimatchi3269d ago

one question though,

"Mario Kart Wii
The best Mario Kart yet? Maybe. Loads of characters, great new tracks, masses of extra content and brilliant online multiplayer to boot."

Do people actually think this is the best mario kart? The online is solid, but I honestly don't know anyone who prefers this over double dash or mario kart 64. My favorite is double dash.

moe843269d ago

Mario Kart, is Mario Kart. Regardless of which version you buy, you'll have fun. So if you have a new console why not get the latest version? Not to mention, not everyone who gets a new console has access to the net to download the old Mario Kart games. So, it leaves them with pretty much one option, buy the newer one for the Wii.

pcz3269d ago

I thought the series would never return to form after that abomination.

Driving logs? buggies? why? It is meant to be mario Kart. Not to mention the horrible circuits.

I'm glad they went back to basics with mario kart wii

pcz3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

No Muramasa: Demon Blades? I'm playing this game at the moment and it is freaking amazing!

It's a major FAIL that the game wasn't included in the top 20. We need more wii games like this.

I would have edited out Animal Crossing from that list, along with Guitar Hero 5 and replaced them with:

Zack and Wiki

Muramasa: Demon Blades

Then it would be a decent list

EvilTwin3269d ago

I can understand people who haven't played Animal Crossing before digging what it has to offer, but there's no way it's in the overall upper echelon of Wii games, IMO.

COD:WAW over COD:MWR is a stretch.

The rest of the list is cool by me, except I'd swap out GH for TW10. PES is a good addition.

Jamescagney3269d ago

Whereas you're just a moron.