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toaster3219d ago

Too bad the PC version of GTAIV is a visual mess.

champ213219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

still far ahead of the console versions :P

theres only so much pc version can improve a console port.

PotNoodle3219d ago

Yeah, GTAIV is one of the worst examples of a bad console port, but its still miles better on PC visually and performance wise. Everything is so much cleaner, running at well over double the console FPS, and some decent AA!

I'm actually a fan of GTA though.. own all three versions.. (got PC version a few months back).

Perjoss3219d ago

The consoles simply cannot compare to PC GTA4 draw distance, texture quality and high frame rates. But if you cant afford a nice PC the console versions are still good, I loved it on the 360 completing it to 100% and both DLC addons.

champ213219d ago

personally i find pcs alot more affordable then consoles.

almost everyone has a dual core or quad core cpu computer these days. that is almost required by every one of us, be it for work, surfing the net, socializing etc etc.

with that considered, a gpu will only cost 150-200usd. Cheaper and better then any console. Later on the games are cheaper too.

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Allowen3219d ago

Indead, for around 500-800 US Dolars you can build a PC good enough to play any 3rd party game quite a bit better then in a console PS3/Xbox360.

3219d ago