VideoGamer: Top 10 PS2 Exclusives

In this special series of Top Tens, they list the best exclusive games for each of the seven major platforms, and tell you why they're so ruddy brilliant. Today they cast judgement on Sony's evergreen PS2. Is it the greatest console of all time? These ten games suggest it might just be.

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ZombieAutopsy3217d ago

Good (but predictable) list, only game i havent played is ICO and thats mainly because ive never been able to get my hands on a copy of the game.

toaster3217d ago

I would have replaced MGS3 with Sons of Liberty just because it was one of those WTF games and was proud to be different.

Dead Or Alive 2 Hardcore was a better fighter in my opinion. I played VF for a while but could never get into it.

God of War and GOW2 is incredible and I still play it to this day. Killing gods never gets old, I just wish I had PS3 to play GOW3.

Madis0073217d ago

Shadow of the Colossus AGREED

Codeman4203217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

wow ico was def not 2006 it was 2001. but other than that it was a good line up

Devilbringer3217d ago

in that order was totally wrong IMO

metal gear, final fantsy, devil may cry, god of war and shadow of collusus should have been on top 5 imo

and he claimed that metal gear solid 2 was a dissapointment? i loved it like hell!

table3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

MGS2 was only a dissapointment for homophobes, they were afraid to look at the screen when raiden was doing naked cartwheels incase they liked it. I thought Raiden was an excellent character and snake still accompanies you in the game so it's not like you miss him. I'd have it at number 2 if it was an exclusive. Number 1 for me has to be MGS3.

Tiberium3216d ago

Mgs2 was a disappointment to me because of all the melodrama involved. Otacon cried like a baby for a half an hour straight when his sister died. Not to mention there was an insane amount of backtracking to disarm one bomb here, another bomb on the other side of the oil rig and the ending was a cliffhanger. It's my least favorite of the mgs series.

kraze073217d ago

List automatically fails due to lack of Zone of the Enders 2.

camachoreloaded88063217d ago

any of the Grand Theft Auto titles released for the PS2.

Wolfie3217d ago

GTA games are not PS2 exclusives

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