Gran Turismo Who? See Forza Motorsport 3's Speeding Bullet

Xbox Evolved writes:

"Definitive racing game? When you got the speeding bullet car, I think so."

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Blaze9293314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

WOW... I seriously LOL'd at 0:19

AridSpider3314d ago

lol I know right? Turn 10 sure did run their mouths for the strangest reasons...

Blaze9293314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

aw come on. Forza 3 didnt turn out to be a terrible game or anything. Turn 10 did sure run their mouths but the game is still good. But this, this is LULZ. Weren't they bragging about how real their physics are?

Darkeyes3314d ago

Lol Physics breakdown. Soon this place is gonna turn into a battle field.... *Puts on protective gear*

Bungie3313d ago

lol i know this glitch

it's soo funny

still Definitive

GUNS N SWORDS3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

lol, that was funny as hell.

one second the car is driving by, making the stretch, the next second BOOM!!


Mexico6193313d ago

man tat was funny! i was laughing as thoughout the video after the first hit!

presto7173313d ago

the definitive revolutionary groundbreaking physics engine has an explanation to all of this.

Microsoft Xbox 3603313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

That's the reason why Forza 3 can't be taken seriously. Realistic physics was the last thing on Turn 10's mind.

blue7xx73313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

I know right I couldn't stop laughing at that I need to learn how to do this. I could just imagine this actually happening to someone in front of you its like WTF.

SilentNegotiator3313d ago

Simple. They were jumping into hyperspace.

The BS Police3313d ago

No, more like Ludicrous Speed!

presto7173313d ago

Lol. Thats exactly what I was thinking

Kevin ButIer3313d ago

You approved this one and you didnt approve the mothaf*** Uncharted 2 video song... LAME, Ill just say

Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year (waving arms around)

RockmanII73313d ago

has everyone on N4G forgot about BadJoystick? here's a link

theEnemy3313d ago

lol what do you expect from guys who just Turned10 ?

SilentNegotiator3313d ago

Definitive Millennium Falcon Simulator.

DERKADER3313d ago

Oh no their was an article about GT5 time trial physics glitch, we need to hurry up and back fire with a FORZA 3 glitch article or our console will lose imaginary credibility.

The N4G rtard war continues.

Rock Bottom3313d ago

The first fanboy who looked at it that way is you, and this article was taken from Xboxevolved, surly they must be PS3 fanboys.

we won3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

LOL at the PS3 fanbs in here trying to get revenge from this video. You do know this isn't a natural glitch right? The video is showing how cool it is when people do it. Your revenge is pointless no one cares about your hurt egos because of the way GT5 turned out. The GT5 glitch article is 8 hours older and has half the degrees, I wonder why? LOL

DelbertGrady3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

...and GT5 is so real and lifelike.

Almost all games have glitches. If I were a GT fanboy I would take it easy with the bashing. GT5 might have some as well.

Anon19743313d ago

I'm not really a fan of racing games but if I'm looking for an over the top, arcade racer I personally love Burnout. What's the point of putting damage on cars if they're just going to bounce all around the track like they're made out of rubber?

SilentNegotiator3313d ago

That article wasn't called "Forza Who? See Grand Turismo _____"

Of course this article gets more hits with its hits-attracting title.

we won3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

The title caused a defensive response from PS3 fans. People came in here to bash and do damage control because of the way GT5, is stacking up against Forza 3. After they got in here they made revengeful comments as if people are sitting around trying to expose Gt5's weaknesses lol.

The video is cool. I've seen this glitch in multi player, where certain cars would magically be jumping around the track because of lag and you can never catch them. I've seen this in other games when people use lag switches(GTA4 is bad with lag switching).

@1.20 The graphics in that game in your video are almost bad, nevermind average.

enviable273313d ago

This is a replay of an online race that had major lag, very funny nonetheless. LOL!

7ero H3LL3313d ago

i tried some pretty harsh crashes, some of them were sick as hell but nothing that spontaneous. :)

arsenal553313d ago

yep.. nothing says racing sim like that. FAIL

callahan093313d ago

@Soda Popinsky:

Aw, come on with that GT Academy video. First of all, that's not the final build of the game, it's a tiny little pseudo-demo. And the so-called physics glitch in that video is peanuts compared to this video of the Forza 3 physics fail which comes from the retail game. And there are tons of other Forza 3 physics failure videos out there, too. That GT Academy video shows practically perfect physics in comparison to this Forza video and some others I've seen.

thereapersson3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

@ Callahan

Start at 0:14

ape0073313d ago


anyway,forza 3 is an amazing racing game,I've never liked any sim racing games but somehow forza 3 grabbed my mind,the driving is great,the feel of driving is great,the gfx are great,clean,beautiful and run at 60 fps

crashes are good too,I liked it better than nfs shift

and btw dirt 2 is so underrated

Narutone663313d ago

really funny. It's like Burnout on steroid. I wish Burnout could do that.

The Happy Baby3313d ago

That was hilarious. WTF happened?

FACTUAL evidence3313d ago

definitive racing game turn 10....

pixelsword3313d ago

Definitive lulz.

That was... interesting. That doesn't happen a lot, does it?

Leathersoup3313d ago

Wow... it seems that no one here has ever heard of lag. It seems to be quite prevalent in GT5 too. I mean... check out this review of Prologue!

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nefertis3313d ago

lol lol lol lol rolling on the floor at 0:19 and 0:20 I cant stop laughing.

Godmars2903313d ago

Well, certainly definitive as far as glitching goes.

Honky Kong3313d ago

its so fast it already released

MGSR THE HD VERSION3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

"Gran Turismo Who? See Forza Motorsport 3's Speeding Bullet"

yup, now watch, ps3 gamers are going to barge in here with their usual speeches and whatnot.

and when they see my comment they're going to give me the usual amount of disagrees, saying that they aren't coming in here for that but they are.

and they're going to be piling up on the usual amount reasons why their game is superior and whatnot and I'm gonna be all like "who gives a sh!t".

ps3hasnogamess3313d ago

granturismo 5 is carbon copy of forza3..


Bungie3313d ago

GT 5 got no glitches

LMAO this is gameplay

damnightmare3313d ago

Neither of you are any better then they are

You both troll articles just as hard and are pretty terrible with making arguments yourself.

So having to state this like you are somehow better then others is retarded.

ssipmraw3313d ago

you know there is a difference between a glitch and playing crap right

of course forza is both glitchy and plays like crap so it all works out for you

MGSR THE HD VERSION3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

(damnightmare )

no not me, i'm in the 360 threads as i am right now. you wanna see my comments there you go.

count how many times i ever been in a ps3 thread.

i think ps3 gamers are more serious about trolling, and more serious about having more bubbles and's their profession.

i can guaranty you i will have more disagrees on my first comment, cause i know they can't stand it.

by a ps3 gamer's logic "where there's a 360 thread there's bot" am i right?

and people should expect anti-ps3 comments in the 360 section.

it's curiosity that's resulting in these arguments.

you guy wanna be on patrol looking out in all 360 threads then go ahead.

TheTeam063313d ago

And, of course, there is the person basically provoking fanboys into this section and inducing the arguing.

Anyway, there is always a cause and effect. They probably wouldn't show up if the poster hadn't randomly written "Gran Turismo Who?" and followed it with this hilarity:

"Definitive racing game? When you got the speeding bullet car, I think so."

What did you expect?

damnightmare3313d ago

lol Sure

I don't go patrolling, I barely even comment because it's not worth it on this site. Judging by your comment and the other two fanboys under you, you are just as bad as the PS3 crowd. I come in these articles because I own both consoles and checking the Open Zone is just hilarious to me.

I hope you get your wish though, since you are obviously trying to antagonize the people you are complaining about. Hypocrisy, sweet sweet hypocrisy.

FlameBaitGod3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you do know glitches and being bad at videos games are two different things right LMAO. Your pretty horrible when it comes to backing up ur console.

This is you
Yeah this game in here is full of glitches you know, i know cus i play NFS and thats a real racing sim and i do good at it.

ROFL!!!!!!!!, this 360 kids cant come up with logical comebacks, its getting sad by now.

PS3 fans are more serious about trolling ? the guy with how many accounts is saying that, LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys say you have so many games but when I see your post history, I ask my self... when are you guys even playing them ROFL!!!!!!!!

Ah, I come to n4g because its the only place where i can laugh so hard with this 360 kids who support their system after it even breaks on them 2 or 3 times and be blind about everything.

Anorexorcist3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

I mean, are all of you so F'n clouded with your own BS not to realize that the title "Gran Turismo Who? See Forza Motorsport 3's Speeding Bullet" was obviously written with tongue firmly placed in cheek???

This video was made to demonstrate the ridiculous lag that can occur online within Forza 3. Every one here who decided to go on a "Forza Rulz/Gran Turismo Sucks" crusade obviously didn't click on the "Read Full Article" link.

@ MGR HD Version

"yup, now watch, ps3 gamers are going to barge in here with their usual speeches and whatnot."

"and they're going to be piling up on the usual amount reasons why their game is superior and whatnot and I'm gonna be all like 'who gives a sh!t'"

Well yes because complete melvins like yourself, with head firmly placed in a$$, think this video is endearing to Forza 3, but last time I checked immense lag is not something to be proud of. Someone's got to tell your stupid a$$ what's really going on.

@ 1.1

God what a F'n idiot you are. You might as well have said "Goldeneye is carbon copy of Halo..fact"

Oh lord please have mercy on this idiot F'n if you do or you don't it doesn't matter to me!

7ero H3LL3313d ago

you know, what's the point in commenting on something or someone you don't like? i thought the vid was funny.

and i don't see MGSR as much of a big problem since he speeks briefly in the 360 forums.

i can recall countless threads being something that he would rather take part in yet he's no ware to be found in those threads. (judging by his comments.)

is a handful of people's comments that bad of an issue to some of you guys?

this guy MGSR sends a pretty weird yet interesting example for a fanboy; caring so little about bubbles, other fanboy comments in other matter how harsh they are, talking in opposite zones, accounts, and even time spent trolling around in 360 threads.

morganfell3313d ago

All one has to do is spend 5 minutes perusing past comments from both MGSR and 7ero H3LL to determine they are the same person. It's relatively blatant. From punctuation, to misspellings, to paragraph construction and capitalization techniques. This comment was especially laughable:

morganfell3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

And 7ero even pm'ed me about my comment:

"no, we're not the same......that was an odd call, though i'm not going to hold it against you. i wonder what mgsr would probably say about that?"

I told him he always uses the 7ero account to defend his MGSR account. And so he does again. No doubt 2 of the above disagrees (as if I care) are from the MGSR and 7ero accounts.

avengers19783313d ago

Grand Turismo is not a clone of Forza that is the other way around GT was around alot longer than forza. When Forza sells 50million then get back to me, but until then Grand Turismo is still the racing game.

tehReaper3313d ago

Those are some serious assumptions. I did what you said, and took 5 minutes to skim through both profiles. It's true, they both have similar post patterns, but that doesn't mean they're the same person.

Not everyone uses exact English when posting a comment on the internet. They may be the same person, but I'm pretty sure you should have actual FACTS before you claim something like that.

I don't post here much anymore, mostly because people like you push assumptions onto people like these two and declare it as fact. You're really good with facts. Remember when you said Gears 2 was headed for the PS3. Yeah, real factual.

I have to admit, I've had my fanboy battles. I've let my preference of gaming alter what I typed. Maybe that's another reason why I stopped commenting as much. I didn't want to become like you.

4point7BillionLoss3313d ago

one only has to spend 0 minutes to realise you are Ultimulo, Nelson, Saaking, darkride66 and xg-ei8ht

The same person who thouht PS3 sold 30 million consoles last march ...

Way do go stupid droid, did you get your teeth whitened yet?

Thought not.

starchild3313d ago

So? Forza 3 still looks and plays better and that is what is important. I don't think more cars equals 'better racer'. That's just ignorant. It's like the morons who think that having more players in an online shooters makes it better, when it more often than not just makes it worse.

karan86243313d ago

Have you even seen the video metal gear homo?

Its about a forza GLITCH

NewZealander3313d ago

ive played both forza 3 and also a few of the GT5 demos...anyone who has actually played both should know already who the clear winner is, and my friends agree with me, forza 3 sucker punches GT5 so hard, GT5 plays like a joke with its no existent damage and its go-kart physics, im sorry but if i hit a wall i want impact not to kind of ping off with no loss of speed, and graphics, well the academy demo just goes to show they have lost there way when it comes to the GT series, everything is so flat, wheres the dirt flinging up from under your tires when you go over sand? and 2D crowds? seriously now worse graphics then forza 3 and they still have to have 2D crowds? nice looking cars but the tracks lack excitement and realism, there seems to be no interaction between car and road.

im not being a fanboy im just calling it as it is, seems like alot of people think if its on a sony console it cant be beaten, and if they never play forza 3 then they can keep believing GT is the king of all things with wheels, but no, sorry guys the academy and previous demos sucked ass, about time you accepted that.


maybe you should rethink what you said afteer you watch the video above because obviously you didnt and are defending something you know nothing about. From the looks of this speeding bullet video that is some serious a$$ lag, so tell my how that plays better even with less players than what GT5 is going to have. yea i think your the moron here, not us so called droids

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ASSASSYN 36o3314d ago

Didn't look like lag to me. That looked like a lethal car with serious tweaks!

psycho3603313d ago

Looks like a perk system hack from MW2. A nuclear turbo or something.