World In Conflict Multiplayer Beta Preview

From the Eurogamer preview:

"The thing that most people are going to talk about - so I'll get it over right at the start - is the nuclear bomb going off. Yes, World In Conflict is the real-time strategy that has a mini nuke to set off on the battlefield. It actually only devastates a few hundred metres, rather than the several kilometres that would probably get baked in the real world, but the effect is nevertheless jaw-dropping. Blinding bright light, soaring mushroom cloud, probable victory. Between this, Defcon and the Russian Federal government, it seems like thermonuclear weapons really are back in vogue this year. (And yes, I'm just reading in the news that Cold War is back on. Is this another case of life imitating games? And should I really be joking about nuclear war? I just don't know/care)."

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Sashy4803d ago

I am playing the Beta right now and I can say that I am truuly impressed about the game, Its really really fun and gives you a major experiance in gaming. Must get this game when it releases!

BitbyDeath4803d ago

Can you download it?

Where'd you get the beta from?

socomnick4803d ago

sashy how are the visuals can I expect anything like the pc version on the Xbox ?