25 Best PSOne Classics of 2009

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

Recently the PlayStation Store has been updated with a best of 2009 section, detailing the best there is on the store in terms of PSN games, PSP, Add-Ons and more. One of the most interesting were the top 25 PSOne classics of 2009 and while most of them wont shock anyone, there were a few surprises in there.

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Xof3269d ago

Are there even 25 PS1 games in the PSN store?

I mean, it seems that most of the big games are still missing.

Udidntlistenpunk3269d ago

Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 8
Metal gear Solid
Gran turismo 1
Gran turismo 2
Suikoden 1
Suikoden 2
Final Fantasy Tactics
Tekken 1
Tekken 2
Tekken 3
Resident Evil 1
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 3
Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Vagrant story
So many classics.

Greatest games ever.

darthv723269d ago

I have both rtypes and rtype delta and am awaiting for them to release philosoma. I really dig that game with its varying POV system. It is so obscure that I am betting it wont ever show up.

A guy can hope though....

Torefos3269d ago

I miss my favorite ps1 game, Destrega. Cross my fingers to see that game appear on the ps store some day.

Feral Gamer3269d ago

PS1 games should remain buried. There are bigger and better things out there.

tehReaper3269d ago

You're joking, right?

I mean, if you can't appreciate the games that are responsible for those "bigger and better things" being in existence, I don't think you should be anywhere near this article.

FF7, MGS, RE, Twisted Metal.. Really? None of those interest you?

bjornbear3269d ago

no future cop and syndicate wars!!!!??

=( those are nostalgic to meeee

still, medevil n re2 ftw!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.