The world's greatest female action character

CVG recently caught up with Sigma's director Yosuke Hayashi who was only too happy to tell them about fiend-hunter Rachel.

"Our main goal has been to create a new playable character, the fiend-hunter Rachel, who will be considered 'the world's greatest female action character'," Hayashi told us. "Rachel offers a new and different experience, and through her character, players can enjoy a manoeuvring feel and actions that are completely different from the super Ninja, Ryu Hayabusa's."

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SuperSaiyan44742d ago

What all the guys who buy this game cant wait to do, and thats get a chance to play as Rachel and its pants down LFMAO!!

omansteveo4742d ago

Anybody ever heard of Lara Croft or Ada Wong


jill / clair from residentr evil is my fav

Diselage4742d ago

Have to wait till this game comes out to make a true judgment call. but it's not like she's off to a bad start.

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The story is too old to be commented.