Sony Brings 120 Frames Per Second Gaming With New 3D Update HipHopGamerShow 12/27/09 2nd Year Anniversary Show

1. N64 Goldeneye Coming To Xbox360 With Natal?
2. God Of War 3 Interview "Must See"
3. Game Review - F.E.A.R. 2 (9.5/10) Best A.I. In A FPS
4. Nintendo Wii In Trouble Of Losing Exclusives

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mrv3213221d ago

I succesfully reported a HHG show story... and you know what it feels good.

Most of this is speculation with flamebaits titles to get hits... it's a shame none of his 'articles' are approved correctly but instead countless multis for an insta approve.

Kamikaze1353221d ago

Even if his stories were flame bait, none of them are things that ever actually happen.

jayblings3221d ago

What are you reporting him for? It's a video blog about video games. How does that not fit into N4G guidelines?

mrv3213221d ago

I'd be ok if A. More video blogs got approved. B. The insta-approve thing MUST be against the rules? C. Flamebait titles to gain hits compared to for example 'HHG: Reviews Fear 2... and much more' But instead they go for the most flamebait titles in order to gain hits.

-Seven-3221d ago

Is a gamer just like me and you but I see why he uses the over flamebait headlines goes he wants hit for his site.

What many of you do know is that HHG gets his bread from his website and and man has to do what a man has to do to survive.

jayblings3221d ago

I see what your saying and I agree to a certain extent but just because not all and/or most video blogs don't get approved doesn't mean that HHG shouldn't get approved. He does talk about the news of the week and speculates on what might happen in the future. I don't see how there is really anything wrong with that.

The insta-approve thing is a flaw in the N4G approval process so that's something you'd have to take up with them.

He does review Fear 2 but he also talks about 120hz gaming as well as a variety of other topics so its not like he's lying with the title. He used what he thought was the best topic and put it as a headline.

mrv3213221d ago

I seriously doubt me posting an article regarding a giantbomb quick look would get approved... I have never seen that happen. I NEVER see a Invisible Walls of EPC approved... in my opinion they do much the same job with higher quality. It's these insta-approving/flamebait titles that are soo annoying especially considering the large amount of speculation used in order to create the. FEW of his titles have came true because they are not based on reality.

jayblings3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Ok..I'll give you that IW and a quick look probably wouldn't get approved or if they did they wouldn't get as much "heat" as HHG but in all honesty I find HHG to be far more entertaining than both of those shows. Plus if they wanted to use "flamebait" titles they could but they choose not too. At the same time though HHG has built up a pretty strong community over here on N4G where the communities from Giantbomb and Gametrailers usually stick to their own sites, that's not to say though that those guys don't get crap too. Just read through some of the comments, especially on The Bonus Round.

cereal_killa3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )


Ok we get it you want to spawn HHG love child but guess what none of his stories would get into N4G if it wasn't for his own site people approving every story he makes. Everything he post is nothing but flamebait titles of rumors and lies. Micheal Patcher has a better reputation of being right in the Video game industry than HHG and he get away with trash who cares if he gets interviews with developers I have a friend that was able to interview 2 Stanley Cup champions for his school newspaper does that mean he has credibility in sports journalism.

Oh and BTW doesn't Nintendo own the Golden Eye IP I thought I read somewhere, and that is the reason why Rare has not released Golden Eye for the 360.

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N4PS3G3221d ago

Damn you post anything on your headlines that isn't related to Sony or ends with a question mark?

I don't even know why you bother with other consoles lol

YoungKiller253221d ago

whatever HHg says it NEVER COMES TRUE NEVER

its just a bunch of bull i mean all the things he said about tgs 09 never came true, GT5 info was false, this guy is full of it.

akashifire3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Watch it for the lulz

Hanif-8763221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I love your show and keep up the good work. Also, for anyone else that enjoy his weekly show please contribute if you can. I almost all the haters, i don't see any of you doing anything better so STFU and if don't like the hiphopgamer show, don't click the F#%king link its really that simple!

3221d ago
snaz273221d ago

heres a heads up for you all... if you see a story on the main page, take a little look at who posted it! if you see hiphopgamer just moooove along! i would think this isnt rocket science... to me hiphopgamer is just someone people love to hate. anyway can someone with tech knowledge help me out here, hhg talks about the upcoming hdmi 1.4, and says basically that once sony release the 3d patch for ps3, and if you have 120 fps tv, all past and future games will run at 120fps... my questions are does ps3 even support hdmi 1.4? i thought it was 1.3. and is it possible to increase fps that arent actually there... surely if the game dev made it to be 30fps it would be 30fps no matter what screen its on, as the screen is only displaying the signal given, no?

N4PS3G3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

haha i read his "articles" and "Rumors" just for the lolz

but cmon! lol there's no denying this guy is the king of closet fanboys lol

I obviously prefer the xbox 360 and i'll admit that ..but i also play my Ps3 and i like it.. i won't deny it

but cmon! King of the Closet Fanboy goes to HHG!

Does he even try to look like a neutral gamer? .. cus if he does then..damn..get some acting lessons man

just some lazy examples ( just recent ones..i won't even go back lol )

-Sony Brings 120 Frames Per Second Gaming With New 3D Update HipHopGamerShow
-Sony Finally Kills Mario Welcome To Modnation Racers HipHopGamerShow
-Killzone 3 Updated Engine At GDC '2010 Behind Closed Doors HipHopGamerShow
-Sony Gets A Boost Over 360 With All In One Blu-Ray Disc From Universal
-Final Fantasy Fighting Game In The Works For PS3 HipHopGamerShow
-PSN Is Above And Beyond Xbox Lives Community
-Bungies First PS3 Game To Debut In 2010 HipHopGamerShow
-Microsoft On Shaky Ground While Sony Is On The Rise
-Sony Offers Help To Valve So Their Games Can Be Successful On PS3 HipHopGamerShow
-Major Nelson Says PS3 Is Collecting Dust! Yeah Right
-Microsofts 50 Million Invested In Sony Exclusives Through Rockstar
-PS3 Back On Top While IGN Play Catch Up In Game Journalism
-Wii HD Is Here Thanks To Sony PS3
-Splinter Cell PS3 Port Is Now Possible Since The Price Cut HipHopGamerShow
-PSN Is The Next Upgrade Microsoft Needs To Worry About
-Xbox360 Holding Back Playstation 3 Development Maybe True After All
-Uncharted 2 Using Blu-Ray To Outperform Xbox360 Holds Some Truth HipHopGamerShow
-Bioware Ready To Expose PS3 Advantages With Upcoming Titles HipHopGamerShow

CMON! You need to be BLIND no to see this! lol

Hisiru3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

He can be a joke for you but you are wrong, he talked about the ps3 slim before it was announced and he said when it was coming. He isn't IGN, Gametrailers, gamespot or any other known website/magazine but he has INTERVIEWS with developers, so he can bring news to us. Once you realize it, you will accept the fact that he can do what you can't: Talk with important people in the industry.

I don't care if he is a liar, if he has interviews with important developers his show won't hurt me.

gaffyh3221d ago

Why is the website changed to Will comment later on contents of the show, no time to watch it yet.

kaveti66163221d ago

Dude, Sony consistently manufactures slim versions of their consoles.

The first Playstation had a slim version called PSONE

The PS2 had a slim version called the PS2 Slim

The Playstation Portable had a slim version called the PSP slim or the PSP lite or something like that.

Anyone with a decent knowledge of that could have made the guess that Sony was going to make a PS3 Slim.

Saaking3221d ago

SONY is just gonna keep pushing boundaries. Thanks to them and their very talented devs we have been able to actually experience TRUE next generation games.Without them, all games would look like multiplats and we wouldn't have masterpieces like LBP, MGS4, and UC2. Sony and PS3 FTW!

snaz273221d ago

yeah he likes his ps3 MORE and?? you like your 360 MORE does that mean you may not speak of the ps3? lmao... at the end of the day pal he can do what the feck he likes cant he? if its not to your taste then why not eat elsewhere? if you step in dogsh!t do you stay in it all day complaining?

evrfighter3221d ago

uhhhhh so HHG really thinks 3d gaming is possible at 30fps?

Just goes to show that this dude is clueless.

snaz273221d ago

i dont know if your commenting in relation to my post or because you watched the vid anyway, no hhg is not saying that at all... its more like hdmi 1.4 (allowing 3d gaming) has a bi-product that ALSO allows games to be kinda upscaled (in fps) by your 120fps tv... he says it kinda like this when you watch a blu-ray movie, on a 120hz tv, then your watching it at 120fps, not the 24 fps it was shot at, soooo then if you play a game that was made at 30fps, you would then play it at 120fps on a compatible tv, with compatible leads etc... well thats how i took him anyway... is any of that possible or true?

Hisiru3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

We can exclude that but still HHG has interviews with developers.

I think we should use this kind of article to discuss instead of wasting our time bashing HHG. Isn't N4G a game community?

Graphics3221d ago

I don't about what HHG says, but I have a 120hz tv and it has something called motion flow plus, with it every game gets a huge boost in speed, sometimes i have to even set motion flow off so it can stay locked at 60hz cause in some games it too fast. with it on though games move much more smoother and look much better.

evrfighter3221d ago

The way you describe it would make sense. But console gaming almost always follows pc gaming.

If this formula stays true. Then Sony is basing 3d gaming off of Nvidia's 3dvision which requires a 120hz monitor. Which Viewsonic and Samsung both make already. But for this to work your pc has to be able to handle a constant 120 frames per second.

To do this I would imagine next-gen hardware on a console would require more power than what's running in my pc right now. Sacrifices would have to be made. I would imagine nex-gen games will have to continue to be developed in 720p upscaled. But then

Is that really nex-gen?

To me Sony's vision of 3d gaming is not nex-gen but just another "Natal".

snaz273221d ago

ok cool sounds good, but the chamges you notice, couldnt they be acheived by the motion flow plus? not by the fact your tv is 120hz? i mean with motionflow plus off, its still 120hz no? im guessing that motionflow plus, is some sort of synthetic or computerised increase in fps, kinda like how the ps3 upscales dvd to hd, by guessing/adding lines to the picture, could motionflow plus be adding/guessing frames? thats why it looks abit funny?

snaz273221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

but the ps3 is not power pc based, infact thats why sony got loads of sh!t from devs, cos of how UNLIKE a pc it is! but yeah on the 3d side it probably does follow nvidia tech, though sony are releasing tvs to go hand in hand with the new 3d tech, anyway my question is not really about 3d, im interested to know whether playing a game on a 120hz tv will change the fps, ie game made at 30 fps played on 50hz tv = 30fps gaming? or does it = 50fps? and playing a 30fps game on a 120hz tv = 120hz gaming, or would it still be displayed at 30fps... and will you notice a difference... also i suppose the question, will watching a blu-ray on a 120hz tv mean that your getting 120fps not 24fps like it was shot? i just dont see how it would work? 24fps mean they took 24 shots in 1 seccond right? then you kinda flicker book it to show a moving image, so then how would your 120hz tv add the other 96 frames or shots?

Baka-akaB3221d ago

Looking back at it and reminiscing ...

He didnt even predict the slim (thought easy to see) ... he was just following the steps of sev who mentioned multiple times features for the console and its firmware , the folks over Playstation lifestyle and a few other PS dedicated blogs ...

Immortal3213221d ago

hate hate hate that's all I hear and you an xboxfanboy you said it yourself so mods can't delete my post.

clearly he's not in your interest but that doesn't give you a reason to come in and blow sh*t up and that goes for all the haters, and another thing he's in the industry hate it or love it that's all you can do.

and another thing posting PLAYSTATION3 in the title gets you alot of hits proof is in the pudding

Jinxstar3221d ago

The human eye cannot see more then about 60 frames. So anymore is useless. It's nerve impulses that are sent to the brain...

Example. Put your hand in front of your face. You can see it clear as day. Now move it vary fast to the left and the right and it becomes a blur. Because the human eye can not process the speed at which it is seeing it... So 120 vs 60 would in essence look exactly the same... Really the difference between 30 and 60 is so minor I don't even see why we do it except to show how high Tech a game is...

HHG You Fail.

bpac1234567893221d ago

he's alright in my book. If you watch the show instead of just commenting on the title you would realize he just brought the first new information on God of War 3 in a long time. and if you pay attention to his interview with one of the DEVELOPERS you would know that the next gameplay video we see on God of War will be kratos on the back of one of the titans. Thats soemthing all of us God of War fans have been waiting too see. So until any of you clowns can bring some new information on a major exclusive like this just shut up and don't click on the link.

Consoldtobots3221d ago

the benefit you will see in playing older games on a 120hz or even the newer 240hz displays is an effect of the vertical refresh rate being "oversampled". So in other words if a game is locked at 30 frames per second than a 120hx display will basically read this vertical sync pulse 4 times while a 240hz display will read it 8 times. So you aren't actually getting more frames just the illusion that the movement appears much more detailed.

DaTruth3220d ago

Talk about biased written work. You left out the article called; "Halo: Reach to best Killzone 2 in graphics"!

Leaving out facts to prove your point! You went through all that trouble to get his PS3 biased articles and left out his 360 biased articles.

HHG is an equal opportunity flamer!

TheIneffableBob3220d ago

@Jinxstar (1.21)

I hate it when people spread that myth around. It is absolutely false.

Read this:

STK0263220d ago

How is Sony going to bring 120FPS gaming? I'm pretty sure a developer can already have his game running at 120FPS on the PS3, or the 360 for that matter. My PC can run games at 120FPS. Or, am I missing something here?

evrfighter3220d ago

"How is Sony going to bring 120FPS gaming? I'm pretty sure a developer can already have his game running at 120FPS on the PS3, or the 360 for that matter"

Because of what's inside the ps3 and the 360 the ONLY way they'd be able to produce 120fps is by making their "3d games" run @ 800x600 res, and absolutely ZERO anti-aliasing with ps2 textures even then that would probably still not be enough.

To put it simply it won't happen this gen. HHG is blowing smoke. Anyone familiar with hardware or technology would laugh in his face if he went around spewing this nonsense. I know I would

The only people that would take this article seriously are the Sony faithful. If it was written by Michael Pachter, posted on VGcharts and sponsored by Kotaku. The Sony faithful would still take it seriously.

Anon19743220d ago

Didn't they already show off Gran Turismo, Wipeout and MotorStorm in 3D? They had a video demo at CES 2009 and I believe GT3D was playable at the IFA event in Berlin this year.

"Anyone familiar with hardware or technology would laugh in his face if he went around spewing this nonsense. I would."

Are you sure about that?

kaveti66163220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Holy crap, Darkride. Have you any idea what the hell "theoretical performance" means? The PS3 and 360 and any modern days graphics card only perform about a fraction as well as what their manufacturers promise prior to concrete physical benchmarks. 1080p @ 120 frames per second would be difficult to achieve on a regular basis.

And it all depends on what you're trying to render. From 30fps to 60fps, you halve the number of polygons present on screen. From 60fps to 120fps, you halve that number again. Sony has no reason to want any of their games to run at 120 frames per second. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyway.

gaffyh3220d ago

Forget the title, and watch the show. Two GREAT God of War 3 interviews, better than Uncharted 2???

The Happy Baby3220d ago

I think he's right when he says he is recognized in the gaming industry.
He's recognized as a blundering fool.
Devs follow HHG, so they know what to NOT do.
HHG hasnt been right about a single thing. He hurts more than he helps.

Anon19743220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I think you missed the point. You said "Sony has no reason to want any of their games to run at 120 frames per second." Did you not watch the video? The reason Sony wants 120hz is because that's what's necessary for displaying 3D, which Sony has already shown off on the PS3. Sony has talked about the PS3 being capable of 120fps since back in 2005.

You're operating under the assumption that those graphics cards are maxed out with the number of polygons on-screen. True, if they're pushing their max polygons, in order to bring up the frames per second, something would have to give. That's not what we're talking about here.

And, like I pointed out already, this isn't "theory". Sony has accomplished this already, demoed it (they showed off Wipeout HD running 3d off a PS3 slim at CEDEC 2009) and there was no loss of polygons on screen. I don't know exactly how they're pulling it off, but the point is they did. Right there it stopped being "theory".

Digital Foundry did a piece on how they think Sony pulled this off and concluded that "The biggest titles in the existing catalogue could be patched with 3D updates, and there would be no performance penalty whatsoever."

indysurfn3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

First pS3 needs to live up to the Official Sony Launch promises.

1 Dual 1080p displays (How do you do that with one output,liars?)
2 Cure cancer! (liars)
3 Faster than a series of graphic work stations. (liars)
4 Faster than a super computer. (liars)
5 Suddam Hussein using them to launch nuclear missiles (not official
but they flamed the fires by saying they are making precautions to make sure it does not get in his hands).
6 60 FPS in every PS3 game (liars)!
7 60 FPS in every PS2 game (liars come ON)!
8 7 CPU's (ops make that SPU'S (took a developer debate before they admitted this lie!)
9 Photo realistic 3D graphics on every game(liars)!
10 Better graphics than the xbox360 (with the exception of 2 games they fail) (liars).
11 A online service that will be as good as the xbox360. (okay at least they gave it a effort and tried not liars, just wrong, I respect that)
12 And mapping the human genome (liars)!

That just off the top of my head there are MANY more! Wait they tried to say the CPU was 4ghz then it was debated and proved to be 3ghz! Let me stop I have to get going!

evrfighter3220d ago

"Sony has accomplished this already, demoed it (they showed off Wipeout HD running 3d off a PS3 slim at CEDEC 2009) and there was no loss of polygons on screen"

Games like Wipeout that don't push ps3 hardware can be optimized to run at 120fps if the developers continue to optimize it. As seen on a lot of pc games when the game and the gpu driver software continue to up the fps gain.

your statement is true ONLY to those games that do not push ps3 hardware like kz2, and uc2 do.

With those kinds of titles being put on the ps3 it is STILL theory. There is only so much the SPU can do to help the GPU. Of course being limited in RAM doesn't help at all. You will not be seeing any Uncharted's in 3d until nex-gen. The most you'll be seeing in 3d are psn games. maybe some shovelware titles. If it launches on the ps3 instead of the ps4. It will be labeled as a gimmick and probably fail.

Anon19743220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

True gamers would see this news and say "Awesome. This is an exciting time to be a gamer. I can't wait to see what they do with this tech."

Fanboys are the ones saying "It's theoritical! It'll never happen! First Sony has to make good on other promises!"

What the hell is wrong with you guys? Have you forgotten what it means to be a gamer? If your knee-jerk reaction is to start bashing at the very mention of any system trying to reach new heights, you need to give your head a shake.

@ evrfighter. But we've seen Gran Turismo running in 3D as well, and Motorstorm. Again, it's happened. That's not theory anymore. It's reality. Those games are considered among some of the top graphical achievements we've seen in videogames. And as for Wipeout not pushing the PS3, that just goes to show that you've never played Wipeout. There isn't a single reviewer out there that didn't marvel at the graphics and artistic style of that game.

I don't get you. Any real gamer would be wetting himself at even the thought of a game the caliber of WipeOut capable of running in 3D, let alone Gran Turismo and yet all you can do is bash and deny! We've seen this already. We know it's possible. How can you, as a gamer, not be excited by that? 3D gaming isn't a gimmick, it's nothing short of gaming's Holy Grail, and something as an old gamer I never thought I'd live to see, and it's almost here. I don't even care about the cost once it hits.

@ indysurfn. You're just ridiculous.

3220d ago
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Blow Out Your Brains3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I usually don't bother to comment because I understand what this maroon's strategy is but seriously those are some lame headlines, give it up already. FEAR 2, Best FPS AI?? Killzone 2 mops the floor with that last gen turd.

mastiffchild3221d ago

I was thinking the same sort of thing. The FEAR2 AI is the best thing about the game('cept maybe the mechs which I thought were quite cool esp as you could bail before they blew up)and compares quite favourably with the AI in most other shooters this gen but KZ2's Helghast flanking you in packs is well beyond anything in F2, imo.

The 9.5 is pretty generous but, in fairness, HHG gives some fairly generous scores anyway so you shouldn't read too much into it-plus it's only one guy's opinion and you aren't forced to take it literally as gospel for everyone, are you?

As for Ninty and the Wii losing a few exclusives I fear that a few will go to PS360 with more going to Sony because of the similar nature of the controls in the wands and Wiimote. However, I think it's mainly going to be those games that undersold on Wii to start with that publishers will want to move rather than get on with a Wii sequel which they'd do(as it's cheaper to dev for)had their game sold really well first time out. Games like NMH(which is confirmed) Madworld and, maybe, Muramasa are what I think are likely to cross the divide(esp with OS being a PS2 game with a small but likely receptive Sony audience). Thing is Ninty kind of only have themselves to blame should a lot of this happen-smaller and niche titles(and maybe just new IP as well)struggl;e on Wii because the newer gamers owning Wiis don't rread the games media, know what's coming up or know what to trust nbecause Ninty don't support or get the needs of third parties as well as PS360. PSN and Live will carry demos for these games which Connect never has, there would be more trailers there in the stotre to download-Ninty failed with carts over CD and it lost them Square and FF back in the N64 days and they seem to still keep a misreading of the needs of other developers and publishers on their systems to this day. Sure, it's made worse by thenewer, lass savvy crowd on the Wii and PSN/Live aren't perfect either but it's a big failing that needs addressing if Nintendo wish to keep all their new gamers as their tastes develop beyond the more sinple games they started with-and good as they are Ninty's first party offerings just aren't enough in number or wide enough in choice to compare with the librabries of third party games on the HD twins-but it needn't be the way it is should Nintendo fully embrace the things they should have from the start of Wii's life.

Of course, should noone adopt "Gem" or Natal it might not be much of an issue unless a lot of the games support full controller options instead like NMH is built to do-but we'll see and Wiiware demos are a step towards what I feel ninty needs to do to safeguard it's interests in the medium term.

Seriously, though, KZ2's AI is a good bit better than anything offered in FEAR2-and not just imo, but lots of people.

monkey nuts3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I liked FEAR 2, although imo the slow down time mechanic made the game too easy at times but in no way does it come close to matching the AI of a certain fps that came out earlier this year. That ain't fanboi'ism its logic.

egm_hiphopgamer3221d ago

@YoungKiller lol nothing I have ever said came true huh? well are you fan of Street Fighter 4, are you fan of the upcoming Super Street Fighter 4, well if you are such a fan and you follow that game who was the first to announce it and confirm it back in MAY'09 I think you've just been shut down homey enjoy the show and stop hatin

Reevr3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Whoopdy freakin do... You got ONE thing right...

N4PS3G3221d ago

lol something you probably read somewhere else came true?! :O WOW

You just scored 1 out of 20,238,087 !!! GO Catch 'em Tiger!!

BigMassacre3221d ago

Well, that may have happened, but it's not like it wasn't expected. Every major Street Fighter release since II has gotten some sort of revision or two.

Wasn't much of an "OMG" surprise announcement. I could have guessed that the very same day that the regular SFIV came out.

Jdash243221d ago

You do this show weekly and the only example you have of your predictions being right was a fairly obvious prediction from 7 months ago. That's sad...

ZombieAutopsy3221d ago

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day....

I dont really hate your show i just dont like how you usually make absurd predictions that rarely come true and most of your headlines are just for hits.

But keep doing what you enjoy i guess, its not like everyone in the gaming news industry is liked anyways right.

Baka-akaB3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Lol i can't believe that bullsh*t , HHG you werent the first to announce SSF4 ... far from it .

I wont comment on your other exclusive news , since i dont even really follow them , so i wont affirm or deny anything about them , but super sf4 ?

Hell every news leaked or given by Capcom follow so far , to the letter , the rumored list of features fans with insider knowledges have been posting over street fighters and fighting dedicated forums for many months .

i'm more convinced one fellow member , and actually fan of your show , pointed it out to you . Funny thing , is Ono wasnt even trying to hard it , and giggling about it at every SF4 tourney he was going to .

Also like someone pointed out , in the case of the slim and SF4 , it wasnt hard to figure out , given Sony's and Capcom's history that they would release sooner or later , new versions of their console and of the game .

retardednickname3221d ago

You´ve made like 900 perdictions and one came true? Grats?

-Alpha3221d ago

Any person can make predictions and be right or wrong. Just because you cherry pick something you predicted that came true doesn't make you some valid source.

People hate you for numerous reasons, and sometimes people are going to be stupid. I see people call you names, stupid things, etc.

However, I feel the issue people have with you is that your titles are always pro-Sony, and very exaggerated. It just seems you do more harm to the PS3 name than good, and it's clear from your fans that you feed this pro-Sony attitude to PS3 fanboys.

Additionally, you seem to make unnecessary jabs at the 360. I don't mind that, but I would like to think you'd blog it and not report it as news.

ASSASSYN 36o3221d ago

I got a prediction. Next week you will come out with another over blown title and useless information.
*Puts sunglasses on*
Prove me wrong.

deadlyliquidxxx3221d ago

i live in bedstuy, hook me up with some hoes!!!

BattleAxe3221d ago

Yo HHG, I can't believe how so many people on here are so critical even after 2 years. Congrats on your 2 years in the gaming industry!

SilverSlug3221d ago

He does a show with rumors. I watch it for the interviews and such, its entertainment. I think alot of the people around here are just jealous.

If you don't like the show, ignore it.

Baka-akaB3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

except again his example isnt even true . But you're right , it's easy to ignore his show .

tordavis3220d ago

Hiphopgamer, video games run at their native refresh rate on 120hz LCD’s. Only DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray and some tv are affected by the refresh rate. The Playstation and Xbox only output a max of 60hz. Stereoscopic 3D requires two fields so that would be two 60hz fields giving you a combined 120hz. 120hz does not equal 120 true fps. When the image is sent to the tv there’s motion interpolation and frames are added by the TV.


Some displays that run at 100Hz or more add additional technology to address blurring issues. Motion interpolation can cut the amount of blur while adding to the latency by inserting extra synthesized in-between frames. Some LCD TVs supplement the standard 50/60 Hz signal by interpolating an extra frame between every pair of frames in the signal so the display runs at 100 Hz or 120 Hz depending on which country you live in. The effect of this technology is most noticeable when watching material that was originally shot on 35mm film, in which case the typical film judder can be reduced, at the cost of introducing small visual artifacts. Film that is viewed with this kind of processing can have a smoother look, appearing more like it was shot on video, in contrast to the typical look of film. [11]




The PS3 can’t even sustain 60fps on 100% of their games and you are telling the public that with a firmware update and a new cable they will be able to sustain 120fps.

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i know exactly what my boy hiphop is talking about with the 3d 120hz tech, he wasnt saying older games but newer future games could use this feature. it shows how many of u guys actually watched or payed any attention to the vid.

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Aside from making yourself look really uninformed with your discussion about 120hz televisions translating into 120 fps, you also seem to come to this conclusion that hdmi 1.4 can in anyway be taken advantage of by the PS3. Here's a little lesson from

Can older HDMI (v.1.0 - 1.3) devices be firmware-upgraded to take advantage of the new features introduced in HDMI 1.4?

Probably not. Most of the new features introduced in HDMI 1.4 will require a new HDMI chip to enable, and cannot be upgraded via firmware.

It is highly unlikely that the ps3 is going to be able to utilize any of the features of hmdi 1.4. That's like saying that USB 2.0 devices would be able to utilize the features of USB 3.0 devices. Now yes the PS3 can get a firmware upgrade to enable 3D, but that has nothing o do with hdmi 1.4.

Please, please, please stop trying to talk tech man. It's like when you try to explain computer programming or explain the differences in tech behind the PS3 and 360. It makes heads explode man.

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