Wait New Game Plus Is in Mass Effect 2?

Kotaku writes: Although a Mass Effect 2 designer said back in June there would be "no new game plus" - a second playthrough with abilities and items earned from the first - BioWare's community coordinator has said rather definitively there will be.

On Thursday, BioWare's Chris Priestly wrote the following:

"If players start a New Game + after beating the game they will be able to re-use the same character import file they did for their first playthrough. Yes New Game + is making a return to Mass Effect 2".

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A Cupcake for Gabe3217d ago

Can I just enter my name as "ZELDA" and play through the second quest right from the start?

Method3217d ago

This feature should be standard in every game.

Bnet3433217d ago

Agreed, New Game+ makes you play the game again, just like games like Blue Dragon, Tales of Vesperia, and even non-RPGs like Dead Space.

R6ex3217d ago

Nothing MOTIVATES me to play a 2nd time more than building on a New Game + character. Power is never enough!

Cueil3217d ago

effen awesome... this makes me even more excited

Solidus187-SCMilk3217d ago

but I dont have my mass effect 1 save anymore. This makes me want to get a cheap copy of ME1 and play it real quick.

VladimirK3217d ago

I still hope it isn't relying on the last playthrough you done.

For me my first one, about 20 hours long, I explored/discovered/done everything and everywhere.
For my most recent it was to do insanity on just a speedrun.

Think that would suck.

blu_yu_away3217d ago

Every time you complete the game it creates a separate complete save which isn't overwritten by a subsequent playthrough. Now from what I've gathered out of interviews I am under the impression Mass Effect 2 will give you a list of all of these complete playthroughs and let you choose which to import.

VladimirK3216d ago

You sure?
I've done 3 characters, each one has a couple of playthroughs, but I've not seen seperate saves, only saying how many playthroughs on that character I've done.

ndibu3217d ago

now im waiting for word on a local split screen multiplayer. . .but i suppose if it had that, it would definately not come to ps3 /jab hee hee hee

chrisulloa3217d ago

Haha? This game has no multiplayer whatsoever.

ndibu3216d ago

Lol come on, i was kidding

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