Nintendo Wii Fit Can Cause Injuries

Some people who play Nintendo Wii Fit virtual games and sports are suffering not-so-virtual injuries. Doctors report a variety of injuries for both adults and children associated with the very popular video game.

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Valay3988d ago

We've heard about this a few times, so why can't people play a little less or tone down their actions? I really haven't had any problem playing a Wii game (as in hurting myself afterward).

Staircase3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

Any fitness program not designed with a certain individual in mind isn't the greatest idea. If you're way overweight and try to do Wii Fit Yoga, you're going to get hurt. Unfortunately, there's plenty of overweight people expecting 6 pack abs within a month of using this.

DethWish3988d ago

Uh, lol, how is this news?
Anyone with at least 1 IQ should be able to figure this out :P

Scerick3988d ago

Fat people "do physical activity" and get injured!


I would be willing to bet that a lot of these people would get just as injured going to the local gym and working out..

paradigmfellow3988d ago

I work at gamestop and at a gamestop where the demographics are composed of idiots and the mall has a hateful environment. I never had an idea how much this thing gets sold. I am medium build and I actually do work out at a gym, I had a customer ask me the other day if Wii Fit was the one that gave me "those muscles." I started laughing I could not hold it in. I told them no I actually go to a gym. People expect too much out of this thing.

Staircase3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

It does actually promote a healthy schedule by keeping track of working out/weight on a visual scale. As a 19 year old male who works out daily, and keeps track of my health, it's a pretty nice tool to have at my disposal.

The problem with Wii Fit is, the primary people who buy this (and who are targeted by it) are people who are too lazy/busy to dedicate real time to a healthy lifestyle, and for that reason the product just wont work. Wii Fit isn't a miracle tool that can change an overweight person to a body builder, and it shouldn't be seen as one. But because of that, it gets the stigma that it is a useless product.

Somnipotent3988d ago

wiifit sucks. i'm 5'11, 185lbs with a lean muscular build... my mii looks like an overweight balloon. it uses BMI as it's primary means to gauge your overall health. it's a waste of money tbh... a gym membership is a only a few hundred more and you'll get more from your money than you'll ever get from a wii.

GCNSean3988d ago

That is funny... the consensus usually says that people that work at Gamestop are also really really stupid too...

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