This Decade: Gaming Went Mainstream

" It has been a pretty ridiculous twenty years for mainstream gaming. Basically, every character we grew up adventuring with as we controlled them from our TV screens has become a celebrity, a pop culture icon. Like celebrities, we've seen our friends at their best and at their worst. We've watched as Mario as he battled adversity to becoming a multimillion dollar sensation and a household name, reinventing himself at every turn. Meanwhile, we've witnessed our old pal Sonic, slump into the deepest form of depression; every new endeavor he attempts just makes the public hate him more. Now all we can do is shake our heads every time we hear about his next failure and think 'Man, what happened to you?'"

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boogeyman9993309d ago

I still get the stigma as being a nerd for having so many games.

deadreckoning6663309d ago

Yep, Halo and GTA3 definetly launched gaming to a new level of respect for the mainstream.

carbonblack3309d ago

This is a brief but intelligent look at our history as gamers. Nerds have and will always rule the world!

PirateThom3309d ago

Gaming went mainstream with the PS One.

Sony, love them or hate them, took gaming to a different level, one that was deemed acceptable for older gamers to play with no stigma attached.

Gaming has been mainstream since, at least, the mid-90s.

deadreckoning6663309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

I disagree. Mainstream means pop-culture, that includes celebrities and average joes. I don't remember average joes and celebrities going crazy over Tekken OR MGS for the PS1. It was Halo and GTA3 that truly started it all. Even today both the Halo and GTA franchises are national phenomenons and with these games it was when videogames, for the most part, became a respected form of media entertainment.

@PirateThom- Halo 2's launch was the FIRST time I've seen Fox, CBS, and WB11 do a report on a videogames launch. If thats not mainstream then idk what is.

carbonblack3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Yeah, soccer moms around the country didn't play PS1. There weren't world famous art exhibits dedicated to video games back in 1995, nor were there touring orchestras that strictly played game music.

PirateThom3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Or did those celebrities jump on the growing popularity of gaming in general?

Celebrities need to appear cool, they'll jump on anything that's popular, but when a console sells over 100m in its life, is it really not mainstream?

And Orchestral Game Music Concerts were taking place in Japan since the early 90s.

deadreckoning6663309d ago

"Celebrities need to appear cool, they'll jump on anything that's popular"

Some do(Kristin Holt, Olivia Munn) but others like Morgan Webb, Robin Williams, Dane Cook, and Ice T are HUGE gamers at heart.

3309d ago
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