Soldiers in Afghanistan using £19 iPhone app to kill Taliban fighters

Soldiers in Afghanistan are using a £19 iPhone "app" created from computer game technology to kill Taliban fighters.

BulletFlight helps sharpshooters work out how the wind and the rotation of the Earth will affect their bullet - and even predicts the wounds the enemy will suffer if it hits him. Snipers are using the ballistics program downloaded on to their iPhones to target the enemy over long distances.

Allied forces already use adapted Xbox 360 video game controllers to pilot robotic vehicles.

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devilmaycry20203984d ago

I thought they were using a constant attacks of Phone ads.

kaveti66163984d ago

A friend of mine is a student at Rose Hullman, a computer engineering school in Indiana. During the summer he worked with a military technology contractor in Texas and their goal was to create a program for the Iphone that would broadcast video from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

The point of the tech was to allow soldiers on the ground to spot enemy locations and obtain other field data by viewing the video from Iphones. Anyway, my friend and his team managed to pull it off.

I just thought you all might be interested to know this because I sure as hell was.

Mr Bot3984d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

its just a waist of time!! everybody knows taliban is winning the war with their primitive weapons while US army have satellites and clever bomb and airplanes without a pilot etc yet they cant even control 1 small city with resistance except if they wipe out all living beings on that city.

its not technology that wins the wars but the cause that each side fight for that wins the war!! and always the native people of the occupied land win the wars sooner or later if the occupying force cause is to destroy or steal etc and thats a fact that history never failed to show.

the only way to win a war is not by technology or force etc but by the good cause!! Nazis lost because their cause was terrible!! Soviet union lost because of their terrible ideologies (and the same thing will happen to Capitalism, just because Capitalism is open free market it doesnt mean its heaven, companies always want to rub/steal customers and maximize their profit by any means necessary/possibly) and many other examples but who ever fighting for their land against and evil force(at least in the point of view of the natives) they will win certainly even if the evil force was million times stronger.

dgroundwater3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

People win wars when their cause is just? I hope your joking! The Nazis were the best standing army in the world for their time. It took a triple pronged assault to take them down. Evil or not they won plenty of battles.

I'll be sure to tell my genocidal rapist African warlord buddies what you think. They will be pleased to know they go unchallenged because of their "good cause."

Didn't you play Modern Warfare 2? General Shepard quotes Napoleon when saying "History is written by the victors." It says nothing about a just cause. Or in CoD4, "War does not determine who is right - only who is left" by Bertrand Russel

Pumbli3983d ago

Mr Bot - What simplistic and flawed logic.

Cause is not something you win a war on. The Soviet Union didn't collapse because they were lead by evil people. Nazi Germany was not defeated because Hitler was evil.

As a response to the "native people win the war in the end", take South America as a prime example. The Spanish arrive looking for gold (what a just cause right?) and decide they'll just kill any living being in their way to the gold. So did the Aztecs win just because defending their homeland was a just cause?

I'll give you a chance to answer that.

Besides... It's not always black and white in a war.

Proxy3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

Interesting stuff.

I recall hearing something in the news recently about the drones using unencrypted data streams and the enemies can see the video as well as anyone else can.

Looks like your friend still has some opportunities open.

kaveti66163983d ago

My friend did mention that even the taliban could view the broadcast if they were on the right channels. I don't know why they didn't try to make an encrypted broadcast. My friend said it would be unnecessary because the insurgents wouldn't have time to react or flee.

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devilmaycry20203983d ago

This is real life not some anime or a game saying if it is a good cause then we will will win. If that was case then damn Taliban would not even exist. If you didn't know, Taliban is known for hitting and killing women for trying to have a voice.
I live in society that that wont let you have your own voice or cant speak your mind with out watching your back we don't have cinema's and women are not allowed to drive. a lot of stuff are not available because the government wont allow it.
I am not saying that war is justified I am not in the liberty to say that. But it's like saying that all of the men and women died because they fought for an unjust cause and I find that offensive and I have nothing to the army.

@ dgroundwater nicely said.

darkmurder3982d ago

Hmmm although this app exists I hardly believe they'd use it, who in their right mind would take an Iphone to battle, expensive as it is the risk of it getting shot or having shrapnel or falling and cracking the screen and ruining it is too great.

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dgroundwater3984d ago

This is what Capt. Price and MacMillan needed during "All Ghillied Up" in COD4.

Sniping the Taliban: There's an app for that!

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AstroZombie13984d ago

Hold up correct me if i'm wrong but don't Snipers go through 3-4 years training their spotter is trained specifically for this, surely he is good enough to judge bullet drop and distance with the specialist sights he has without this app.

hitthegspot3984d ago

But how much better would it be if you could use tech to assist you? This allows for better watch for your escape...

snipermk03984d ago

I read an article once that gamers are excellent marksmen in real life. That dude who shot down a bunch of people in a school after playing Doom, did so with amazing accuracy.

dgroundwater3984d ago

Snipermk I have to disagree. There are no studies proving your actual shooting accuracy is above that of anyone else. Hand eye co-ordination is one thing, but real life headshots take more skill than autotarget CoD ironsights lol.

hitthegspot3984d ago

You are a definite candidate for therapy my friend...

kraze073983d ago

Actually playing shooters does help your marksmanship. Well, it at least helped mines. Shooters taught me proper breath control(games that let you control breathing to increase accuracy), sight/target alignment, effects of weather on accuracy, etc. I will say that arcady shooters definitely didn't help though.

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