Steam's Holiday Sale Continues!

Steam's holiday festivities are coming along nicely, with whole bunch of new titles being slashed this Christmas. Titles include Dead Space for a mere £5.09!

So jump on over, have a look and grab yourself a bargain!

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Pandamobile3216d ago

Kind of a disappointing sale today.

That's a nice deal on Dead Space and Zombie Driver though. I can't turn down a $2 game.

xLordOblivionx3216d ago

I picked up Torchlight yesterday for $5, probably the best decision of my gaming career =D

snaileri3216d ago

Still waiting for a sale for Crysis

Bellthazar3216d ago

Yeah I was hoping for a little more to be honest, but Dead Space for £5 is good enough for me.

iistuii3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

How can they really think selling a game without a box, a manual or disk, and charge more than what you pay in a store is beyond me. Example is MW2 £39.99 or any other new game that comes out.It's cheaper in a shop. If they dont have to give you anything but a download, they even dont have postage for god sake. If they dont have any of the above costs and sold the games for half the store prices due to that, then it would be ok.Its a rip off.

Pandamobile3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Valve doesn't dictate the pricing on games. Blame Activision.

And the what hell difference does it make if you're not getting a disk, box or manual. A disc costs a few cents to reproduce, a box even less than that and the manual is just a couple pieces of paper.

Steam is busting down the doors to the digital future, man.

iistuii3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Tell me why they charge more than a store ??? Cmon its true, You cant even bloody sell the game after you finish it as it's on your steam account, thats another reason they are a rip off. I buy games on 360 & PS3, finish them and then get some cash back by ebaying them. So your saying a few pence for a disk. Its at least £2 postage, a box , a manual and it all costs money. Steam don't have that expense, so why are we charged more. Sorry its a fair question pal. If it was the same as store prices it wouldn't be as bad, but its more its a rip off. Blame Activision?, i know you dont like them but not every steam game is activision.

Pandamobile3216d ago


No one buys and sells used PC games anyway. Just because you're cheap and sell your games after you play them, doesn't mean you can do that with Steam. You buy a game, it's on your Steam account forever. That's kind of the point of Steam.

Why are you complaining about Steam when you've obviously never used it.

I haven't bought a game at a store in years. Steam always has good deals. New games (at least in North America) are the same price, if not cheaper than at stores. In Canada, a new PC game costs $60, and console games $70 + 14% tax. On Steam I can get a brand new game for $50 (sometimes $45 if there's a pre-order sale) and there's not one cent of tax on it.

evrfighter3216d ago

alright name a game not made by Activision and I guarantee you it has had a 50-75% off sale on steam.

It's nobody else's problem but your own if you don't know when to buy a game.

as far as ebaying or trading in used games....seriously?

you can buy a brand new game for $60 and the most you'll get back out of it is $25 ($30 if they are having a rare special)

for the $30 you lost on trading it in. You could have about 15 games on steam. Again, it's nobody else's fault but you're own that you have a habit of being ripped off lol.

QQcrybaby3216d ago

You aren't the brigest person around lol.

darkequitus3216d ago

The last physical game I bought was Crysis warhead. That was only because Tesco had it a stupid price. 13 GBP when I lived in the UK. Since HL2 was released, I have over 100 Steam games. I have bought 7 since the sale. You can beat it.
Steam is a delivery service. No Actvision games on sale because they decided on that, not Valve. The same reason over publishers game are on the cheap, because they allow it. Look at Eidos, I bought their pack on sale lasts year.

ThanatosDMC3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Actually, Steam sells a lot of games cheaper than most stores especially new games that are about to come out.

However, it depends on the store. At Fry's Electronics, for example, they're selling L4D2 for $29.99 while Steam is selling it for $37.99. (last time i checked)

Dont buy from Steam then since games bought from it will always be on your account and you can redownload it whenever you wish if you've deleted it before.

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