Intel hoping Nintendo will include Larrabee processor in next console, says writer

According to writer Hiroshige Goto, Intel is hoping that Nintendo will include the Larrabee processor in the next Nintendo console.

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Valay3221d ago

Right now it doesn't seem like it's worth making a big deal over this, especially since Larrabee doesn't have a firm release date yet and apparently they're somewhat behind on the development of the processor.

darkequitus3221d ago

Intel are going to have a hard time convincing anyone if they can't get the chip up to scratch. Nvidia has burnt their bridges with Sony and MS, while ATI are still in good stead for MS and Nintendo.

kaveti66163221d ago

It would be pointless for Nintendo to take that route. They don't need to make a powerhouse console to make money. Their target audience as of now doesn't seem to give a crap about graphics very much, and it would take Nintendo more than one generation to ease themselves back into the normal "hardcore" market.

I can imagine some situation where Nintendo could appeal to me if they started making hardcore games now, and then next generation, with much more powerful hardware, they could make fantastic sequels, kind of like what Sony did with the Killzone franchise.

Maybe Nintendo will release a beast of a console and with it The Conduit 2 and a Metroid sequel that really shows off their hardware, but as of now, Nintendo is still content with the laid-back, E-rated games that they offer.

ChickeyCantor3221d ago

The same thing they did for motion controls can be done for gfx too.
Its called marketing. Nintendo just needs to convince people that GFX are important too, this gen they just said its not so important just to back up their controller.

Next gen they will just pretend they never said such thing.

N4g_null3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

keV it would not be pointless onLy the hd fanboys believe or want to believE that hardcore gamers don't like the wii. First thing is it's biggest sellers Mario kart wii and smash brother along with nsmbwii takes way too much skill for the casual to enjoy. Also resort has lots of true skill based games now.

The wii is the only system with almost all the neo geo fighting games on it also. Hd gamers basicly hate fighting games which is pretty hardcore which means it takes skill to play.

The wii is for every one with pc gamers liking it also. With hd graphics guys like you run out of things to hate and nintendos 1st games actualy do sell hardware you have a arcade racer online, a fighter, traditional side scroller you choose they sell hardware this gen right now this year and still sell out and yes they are quality because word of mouth sells them along with people actualy trying them out and getting hooked. Sorry it's true qaulity and their fun and they sell and you know they will be there next gen to do the same things.

Then you just add hd and vola the next cod is wii bound. I mean if you choose not to buy it then that will mostly be a fanboy occurance. 3rd parties are going to love multiplating on the next nintendo system due to the added power.

Not sure about the blue Ray thing but for piracy maybe yet it's still a little slow to me.

I hope they get hd right by offering hardware support of sd also and up scaling of sd content to hd for free in hardware if you want it. It's so sad hd gaming doesn't have even simple resolution detection or setup by way of the console to scale fonts but lol no one uses fonts in current console games like pcs.

I mean just admit you don't want nintendo going hd because a they have the casuals so they will have sales and hardly any one beats nintendos core games I don't care how handicaped nintendo is. Tech is never a crutch it's an afforable bonus. Besides I have my pc for bleeding edge.

DeadlyFire3220d ago

First batch of chips will not be available to PC consumer end due to low performance results. Could and could not work out too well for next Wii. All depends on how well or how bad it pans out. Intel could have a second generation chip by 2011/2012 though. Could be much better.

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hitthegspot3221d ago

I just hope it can play movies. (Blu and DVD)...

Quadrix3221d ago

Nintendo makes video game consoles, not entertainment centers.

jack who3221d ago

not gona happen its nintendo

ChickeyCantor3221d ago

Actually they also hooked up with IBM remember?
So this doesn't seem unlikely. If the chips are modified to their needs and its low cost, why not?

jack who3221d ago

cause Larrabee is too much power for nintendos "WAYS"

mrv3213221d ago

Nintendo ways? Are these the same ways that help shift 50 million Wii's 100+ million DS's and has survived everything gaming can throw at it.

Not only have Nintendo singlehandely shaped gaming they are continuing to do so with the wii.

Sure it's about as powerful as a 2 Gamecubes it's sure as hell one great machine which has changed gaming.

ChickeyCantor3221d ago

Nintendo's ways are low cost Consoles so that everyone can afford one at launch. They just want low cost hardware, if it fits with their next console you can bet on it that a pact with Intel isn't far off.
(unless IBM sh/ts out something awesome)

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Marty83703221d ago

Larrabee sucks balls, thats why Intel canned it.

ChickeyCantor3221d ago

Its not canned, its pushed back to research platforms.

Blaster_Master3221d ago

Yeah, any processor would do as long as its an upgrade from this generation. Which is at least 3.2 ghz processor. The larabee doesn't make sense for Nintendo considering they aren't usually the ones that are trying to push the envelope in graphics and Im sure it would just be cheaper to use a chip that has been in the market for awhile and will be cheaper then using a chip that is brand new. I just hope they add a bluray player and a good online setup. I wanna play Metroid online with my friends. that would be so dope.

Kakkoii3221d ago

Larrabee isn't meant to push the envelope either. It's just Intel's attempt at try to make a GPU that's good enough for at least some gamers. It won't be able to compete with the top of the line GPU's though.

It would actually be quite a good choice for Nintendo, since it's a CPU with a GPU integrated. This allows for a MUCH smaller motherboard design, and thus a more efficient, cheaper and sleek console.

Quadrix3221d ago

What Kakkoii said. I believe Nintendo said that their next console would be even more compact than the Wii, which would make the Larrabee a smart choice.

N4g_null3221d ago

After the gdc I felt like they where they way to go but now after seeing the real chip and it's specs I doubt it.

First the power it takes just to run the chip is pretty crazy. Nvidia is having the same problem Alos with fermi. I don't want a nintendo console that is louder than my pc. I'm sure nintendo would counter by asking them about atom instead. Another thing is every one is in the dark about what ati and IBM are doing for nintendo.

True the cell development has stopped yet what about future nintendo projects? AMD will be readying fusion also and the hd5000 cards are currently the only cards that can actualy do direct x 11 only effects.

Just looking at nintendos past...

They like fast media... Carts to any form of solid state memory. It scales pretty well and gets cheaper as processes shrink it.
They love open gl mostly only use Maya. Once they did push for powerful graphics till they over shot their customers with the gc. ( most ps2 devs did not want or need better graphic then hd gamers are mostly pc converts).

The wii is silly easy to code for hell I think you cane even use unity which is free last time I checked , which years ago. Another thing is the wii has the last fix function shader piple around. It's going to be crazy to see what they can make with better hardware.

Unless intel can add a huge discount on top of this chip I don't see nintendo using it. Would it crush the current hd gen sure it's eq to 5 gens removed pcs gpu wise almost.

Yet I see ati producing the next gpu for them and the CPU as being up in the air. Yet I bet IBM gets that also or possible annouce a joint dev chip with amd which would be sort of sick I would love to see what amd could do to support SRAM in large pools like a gig.

Wouldn't it be funny if the next wii is like a table pc that you can out put to tvs! That would be so sweet. You can already out put an iPhone to a tv convergence of the handheld market would totaly x out most competition though.

The biggest thing with nintendo is can normal people who buy consoles afford this with the addition of a resession. Basicly I'm sure nintendo is asking so what can we get that is priced at $250 max.

ChickeyCantor3221d ago

No they said they wanted to make the Wii-mote more compact.

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