Infamous Chinese pirates launch Ubuntu that looks just like Windows XP

From the Chinese pirate masters of the non-sea-faring variety comes ... Ylmf OS! Not happy with pirating Windows XP itself, these creative Chinese have gone one step further and hacked Ubuntu to look exactly like Windows XP. Why have they moved to Ubuntu? Because their previous release -- a pirate version of Windows XP itself -- is being cracked down on by Microsoft.

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hitthegspot3989d ago

It's probably more stable...

A Cupcake for Gabe3989d ago

Windows XP work really well. Vista was the problem, but Win7 is very good. Nearly as good as the MAC OS.

darkmurder3989d ago

It may look like it but have fun installing Windows programs on it (without using Wine which most wont know about)

KeenanTheSavage3989d ago

Eh, I have no complaints for XP, it actually was VERY stable and worked very well unlike Vista. I think if you're contemplating on XP or this, it would just be a preference of Windows or Ubuntu.

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Valay3989d ago

That really does look like Windows XP...

jerethdagryphon3989d ago

good for themm, ubuntu is a solid os and xp gui is user friendly

so ocmbining them is a good move

Kushan3989d ago

Question: How is taking a free, open source OS, modifying it to look like a different OS, then releasing it for free on the internet actually PIRACY? It's not XP and Ubuntu is free, so why does it keep on saying "chinese pirates"?

Proxy3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Me thinks the site might be in the mindset that "all software modification is illegal, and can only be achieved by leet haxors."

STK0263989d ago

I'd guess it'S because their previous works involved piracy. If someone murders someone else, he's a murderer. If he goes to the supermarket and buys an apple, it doesn't change the fact that he's a murderer. So you could come up with a new title like "infamous murderer buys an apple at local supermarket". That's just my guess though.

Udidntlistenpunk3989d ago

If he served his time and he is regretfull (maybe he killed out of self defence), than he might just be another guy. Albeit one with a dark past.

Unless youre the guy who is: "once a thief, always a thief".

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