Why Do Game Sites Have To Be So NSFF (Not Safe For Family)?

Negative Gamer:

"I, like many people at this time of year, am currently spending time with my family. Obviously, as I have a mild addiction problem with the internet I'm on my laptop a fair amount of the time. I'm always wanting to keep myself up to date as well as being on the lookout for news relevant to your interest.

All on this means I am frequently checking out numerous blogs from my laptop, with family members of all ages walking around and often inquiring as to what I'm doing. When I load up, for example, The 'Tak and right there on the front page -on a page a family member sees me looking at- is "Konami Game Inspires Schoolgirl Massage Parlor"; or a cleavage shot from a new screen of Borderlands; or "Erotic Game Comments On Erotic Game Controversy"; or a scantly clad Anime figurine; or a cleavage shot from Dante's Inferno; or a comparison article of arses, I'm going to feel like a tit. Pardon the pun."

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cyguration3219d ago

Places like Kotaku and sheep-following blogs love to stir up controversy factors with NSFF for the sake of hits.

Blogs providing relevant news for hits would require doing actual work.