GamePro's Top Ten most controversial articles of 2009

GamePro: "We've never shied away from calling a spade a spade, a fanboy a fanboy or a crappy game a crappy game. This has landed us in some hot water over the past 12 months, with disgruntled readers and irate games publishers calling for our collective heads."

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toaster3219d ago

Some of those articles are just ludicrous... pure flamebait material.

Saaking3219d ago

This is the current state of the gaming media. Flamebait after flamebait article. What a joke it's become.

DelbertGrady3219d ago

There are some good outlets left but many of them have fell victims of the ongoing console war. It also seems like many of todays journalists are not in touch with older generations of gaming. They need dig more and play the gams that shaped this and coming generations. I even see some referring to Final Fantasy VII as some kind of old school title. To me it's not. Phantasy Star on the Master System is :)

proudly_X3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Nice i didn't miss any of these Articles.
Most pretty lame and Dumb!

redsquad3219d ago

Oooooo, aren't Gamepro "individuals"??
Actually, if they have to sighpost just how 'cool' they are with a "top ten controversies" article, then they really aren't different at all.

3219d ago
lightningsax3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

First of all, is this a GamePro Australia article or a NA-based article?

Second of all, I was initially floored by the list of flamebait in here, and I didn't enjoy reading it, but I think it *could* be a funny joke to make a top ten list of flamebait articles. It's like reading a meta-parody of the industry, except it wasn't meant to be that way!

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