Test Drive High Life Revealed for PS3, 360 and PC?

CC: The original Test Drive Unlimited was very much like by critics, and fans of the game were delighted when a sequel was confirmed in April 2008. Since then Eden Games have kept their mouths shut about the game. Now however it looks like the game may have been renamed.

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ape0073222d ago

make my dream come true,I want nfs:hot pursuit 3 sooo baad

just think,WHY THE HELL did they stop th enfs hot pursuit series,it's damn awesome

guys just remember how POWERFUL that game was

even racing without chasing was awesome

DeadlyFire3221d ago

So true though. EA should rebirth the Hot Pursuit series or give it a third game. It is the best series for NFS that has come about since its first three games.

Test Drive has nothing to do with EA Games though. So I don't know where this is coming from. Test Drive Unlimited was made by Eden Games/Melborne House and published by Atari.

darkmurder3221d ago

I liked the first TDU, sure it wasnt a great game but fun nontheless and had an addictive nature to it so I hope this ones just as good with real cool weather effects!

vhero3221d ago

I want Burnout Paradise 2 even more than this game its everything Test Drive tried to be AND MORE!

LostCypher113221d ago

TDU is nothing Like brunout.

ape0073221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

the other BEST driving games imo were

burnout 3(burnout 2 is awesome too)

burnout revenge

midnight club 3

those games were GOLD

and now Im having a lot of fun with forza 3,finished paradise and planning to get dirt 2 or save money for 2010 sea of AAA games

and btw,what do you think of split second?it kinda looked all flash no substance but we'll see,we'll see :)

likedamaster3221d ago

Never liked none of those "wannabe" arcade racers. Give me TDU2!

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mjolliffe3222d ago

After the concept art I saw earlier this year, I'm very excited about it. Someone rumoured that it might use CryENGINE 3 as well? Not sure on that one.

Either way very excited about this one :)

ruleroftekken3222d ago

Those concept art pics on the forum are amazing, but a range of different environments.

Loved the first one though!

_insane_gamer_3222d ago

Loved the first one. Can't really say much about a sequel until we see a trailer or some footage XD

MaximusPrime3222d ago

Test drive unlimited was one of the few games I enjoyed on xbox 360 (before I sold it).

After hearing that it's sequel is confirmed for ps3, I was excited.
Past year I have been looking at test drive unlimited unofficial forum for any news. Now this news is an interesting one.

Veneno3221d ago

I share the same story. TDU was the only game i loved on 360. and yes it's sweet that a PS3 version of the sequel is confirmed. but this shouldn't surprise anyone as the orignal was on PS2 and there was a PSP version as well. So this new sequel will be a true next-gen game, and Eden and Atari will be able to make an even better experince. I really think that this game is set out to surprise the critics and gamers once again. I can't wait for this!

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The story is too old to be commented.