Latest HDMI 1.4 specification to add 3D support

HDMI Consortium is preparing to add 3D support to its latest 1.4 specification, which could bring 3D gaming and movie watching to high-definition TVs.

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arakouftaian3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

But can any body who knows
explain me

Whats the diference on this new tvs and the tv we have today?
Last time I check I can see 3d on my old tvs
and most of the HD tvs the sale today say 3d ready

or this new tvs are the ones that work without glasses?
I'm lost.


Fishy Fingers3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I'm not 100% sure, it seems to depend on what you read and depending on what form of 3D tech in question. At it's most basic, it seems 1080p and 120hz is required, so in that case, many current HDTVs will be compatible.

But as far as I know, there is currently no 3D tech that works without glasses, they all require it.

thor3218d ago

The difference is that the new 3D TVs work with polarised light rather than coloured light. So rather than funky-coloured glasses, you'll just wear what are effectively sunglasses, meaning that no colour information is lost to either eye.

Though I never heard about TVs being "3D ready". Any colour TV or monitor is capable of 3D with coloured glasses.

Most important thing to note is that we've had 3D images since Victorian times, and it's just a bunch of people deciding what the "next big thing" is going to be. So they can charge over the odds for it.

Fishy Fingers3218d ago

I dont think you can really consider the old red/blue tinted specs as 3D anymore, all the current tech has completely moved away from that towards the linear polarized 3D glasses (clear lenses).

sack_boi3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Damn, I spent 2000€ ($3000) on a 50" Plasma TV not long ago and now it's outdated?! fvck me!

ChickeyCantor3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

" there is currently no 3D tech that works without glasses"

Not true, I have seen tv's( even though not out to the public) that work with more pixels per coordinate. One in the center of each coordinate ( as usual) and 2 aditional ones to the left and right of it if im not mistaken. This allows for a 3D effect without the glasses, and according to the guy showing it of, any 3D app would actually work with it.

( but if you meant not out to the public then yes thats true)

kneon3218d ago

I don't think the 3D that Sony and the rest are working on uses polarization, that would require a special TV, I don't know if such a TV even exists. I believe what they are aiming for is using LCD shutter glasses

And that should be able to work with any TV with at least 1080p 120hz. The source signal will really be two 60hz streams interleaved, one for each eye. The glasses synchronize with the signal and alternately block and open each eye so that each eye only sees every other frame.

vhero3218d ago

Like Thor said above if you want a great example look at your local cinema showing a 3D movie. Get the glasses from there and try watch a 3D movie on you TV or monitor you simply cannot use them outside the cinema as your TV does not support it. That's basically what this is for. Realistic looking 3D.

FrankenLife3217d ago

HDMI 1.3a will do the job just fine. The PS3 has a 1.3a HDMI port on it, and the PS3 is going to receive an update to put out 3D when it is ready. They have showed the PS3 playing games in 3D already.

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Jamie Foxx3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

reading the article it states 1.3 cannot do 3d,ps3 has HDMI 1.4 and 360 has HDMI 1.3 if im not mistaken? eitherway sony should advertise the hell out of this feature (they wont though sonys advertising sucks compared to microsofts in all honesty)

digger183218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

No, the PS3 is HDMI 1.3 and the 360 is 1.2

Neither the PS3 or 360 be able to do this new tech.

Apocalypse Shadow3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

ps3 may not do 1.4 tech,but ps3 WILL do 3D games and movies.

howard stringer will make certain of that.just wait until CES 2010.

wonder if sony will do 3D photos too?or turn photos on your ps3 drive to 3D by sending the image to your eyes twice with glasses??

FF3218d ago

PS3 = V1.3 / Xbox360 = V1.2

jack_burt0n3218d ago

Lol not exactly a current forum post, anyhow a new standard in cable will fail miserably hdmi is here and people wont change the only 3d tech that will have any market penetration will be ps3 compatible with nvidia and sony backing it the rest is pointless.

AFAIK what was stated above making sure ur tv is "3d ready" 120hz etc is all u need to worry about at the moment. Ps3 3d firmware is coming in a couple of months.

bozebo3218d ago

sony are starting to advertise more now tbh. I noticed though, that they are copieing M$'s tactic: take a multiplat game and have their logo shown at the end :/

Jamie Foxx3218d ago

damn technology moves fast

Narutone663218d ago

is already 3D ready, it's just waiting for the technology to arrive.
I don't know if the HDMI version can be upgraded through firmware update.

Isis063218d ago

It's kind of hard to upgrade Hardware through Software...
but of course a man can dream.

vhero3218d ago

Its annoying really as there are gonna be so many types of 3D available eventually people are gonna start to get confused it was so simple with just blue and red glasses lol. Soon there will be different glasses for different TV's you will forget which is for which.

Hutch23553218d ago

I am confused, I read a review from my xbox magazine and in a side box they said they played it in 3d with glasses and it was amazing in 3d. So WTF is it not 3d, is it diff 3d, I don't get it?

baum3218d ago

It's 1.3a, which is superior to 1.3

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Wrathman3218d ago

not if it means a new tv and pair of over priced will die like HD-DVD

bozebo3218d ago

we heard this ages ago, stop posting junk on n4g

sikbeta3218d ago

FAR for being a gimmick

PirateThom3218d ago

It's a gimmick in so far as IMAX is a gimmick.

How much do you really care about this tech? I don't really care at all, but then I've never really cared enough to see an IMAX movie.

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