Is 2010 the Year of the Action Game?

Bayonetta, Dante's Inferno, and God of War III are all hitting in the first 3 months of 2010. With a new Devil May Cry rumored to be hitting next year as well will 2010 be the year of the action game? Tune in as Joel Tavares of and Jay Michaels of debate over which game will reign supreme in 2010 and to see who wins Episode #6 of Counterpoint.

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JoelT3221d ago

and the win goes to....Me!

jayblings3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I was robbed!! J/K Good job my friend but I want a rematch. Just talked to someone who saw the GOW footage and without even seeing it I got really pumped for it.

deadreckoning6663221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I think all three will have something good to offer, but GOW3 will likely be the best out of the three overall. Bayonetta has a WAAAYY deeper combat system than Kratos, but thats the only thing I thk Bayonetta has on God of War 3. In respects to graphics, story, sound, and overall gameplay then yeah, God of War 3 will be the best.

If were talking in the long run, Agent will likely be the best action game of the year judging from the masterpieces that Rockstar has created in the past. To this day, San Andreas is my favorite game of all time(next to Shenmue). I can only imagine what Rockstar will pull off when they take full advantage of the Cell.

PrimordialSoupBase3221d ago

That commentary is equivalent to these n4g threads: A lot of noise and no insight.

BX813221d ago

Good Vlog but what happened? Did you get punched in the lip at the bar?

Darkeyes3221d ago

You see that reaction that those guys had while talking about Beyonetta... Well thats the exact same WTF reaction I had while I played the demo... As far as DI, all I have to say to it is get ready for some really rave reviews for being an exact copy of GOW3... They have not left a single element.. Lol they even copied the health orbs, only thing different is the fact that you drink from fountains as opposed to opening chests.
And my jaw was floored when I saw Dante ride on that big monster... LMFAO that is what I call copying it to the max.

Can't wait to see the new GOW footage early 2010 (I believe HHG said 16-18th Jan).. Boy it's gonna be awesome.

DelbertGrady3221d ago

I played the Dantes Inferno demo after I played Bayonetta (full version) and it just can't compete. It felt and looked like a PS2 game in comparison. Once you've played Bayonetta for a while you start to realize that Kamiya has achieved the closest thing to perfection in this genre.

Simon_Brezhnev3221d ago

Seriously the only people i see praising bayonetta like its the second coming of Christ are 360 fanboys. Yeah its a good game but the only reason u praising it so much because the ps3 got a half done port. A lot of people need to play the old ps2 game Bujingai if u wanna talk about combos and crazy parry/clashes. To be honest i think Dante Inferno is going to sell more then Bayonetta.

lh_swe3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Well I like my PS3 more than my 360 and I love bayonetta, so no. The game is fun engaging and smooth, all while 16 combos are being pulled off with precision that only GoW III could rival so in a word this game is wonderful.

And Judging from the Dante's Inferno Demo this game does have dissapointing graphics (aside from the CGI in the cutscenes of course) and on that note the cutscenen is all this game has got going for it because everything else is just a blatant rip-off, so much in fact that I wonder if they didn't just steal the code (btw that was a joke in case you didn't catch on).

GameGambits3221d ago

2010 is the year of the RPG. Don't you forget it.

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MurderMyDoll3221d ago

I think out of all the ones mentioned the one i'm most excited about is the unofficially announced one Devil May Cry, i'm dying for a 5th installment! Aside from that i'm not really excited about the other three i'm still working towards that Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 platinum. May pick up GoWIII when release time comes depending on my feelings about FFXIII at the time

ThanatosDMC3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

They better not F-up on the 5th one. They better behead Nero and bring back Vergil. It doesnt actually show him die on the DMC1. He basically vanished in that light. Maybe Dante freed his brother from Mundus? He'll want his sword Yamato, other half of Eve's amulet, and revenge. He probably wouldnt hesitate to kill Nero for that matter. I'd be so happy if he does kill that poser.

sikbeta3221d ago

Another DMC, meh...

DMC3 = pretty good
DMC4 = better than DMC2 lol

Katana Yamato3219d ago

Yeah i totally want Vergil back. But i doubt he will be the main character....since Nero is the new kid on the block, Capcom is just gonna ram that emo down our throats when the majority of DMC fans don't like him.

I hope DMC 5 will be unveiled very soon...hopefully in January but i doubt that. Bayonetta is gimped on my enthusiasm for it is disappearing. At least Capcom knows how to make ports...and besides, Bayonetta is not as cool as Dante.

Chadness3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

My prediction is GOW3 will wipe the floor with both of them, but Bayonetta will trounce on Dante's Inferno. I think the PS3 crowd will embrace Bayonetta more than the 360 crowd, simply because Sony's system seems to be the more Japanese-style-centric system of the two.

Out of the three demos, I only played two - Bayonetta and Dante's Inferno. This is coming from someone who is fairly objective when it comes to action titles like this, because I haven't played too many and am not crazy about the whole GOW aesthetic. I would personally buy Bayonetta and ignore Dante's Inferno. And, if GOW is like Dante's Inferno, probably ignore it too. I think Bayonetta is more stylistic and creative. I had zero "wow" moments playing Dante's Inferno demo and about a dozen playing Bayonetta.

But, just between us, I'd drop all of them in a heartbeat for FFXIII. Not an action title, but I don't care. ;)

Hanif-8763221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I'd drop both of them for Gran Turismo 5... its different genre, but truly awesome game thats gonna wow everyone :)

JoelT3221d ago

the end of the video, I give it a very honorable mention. 2010..the year of the PS3.

immortal843221d ago

this show is a joke. You guys make fun of Bayonetta, which is far more better than Dante Inferno and GOW 3? Go and see the metacritic for Bayonetta, you will laugh on yourself.

HurstDarkStar3221d ago

the year i wont see the light of day~ tis a wonderful time to be a gamer is it not?

taz80803221d ago

2010 has a good lineup right out of the gate all the way until march, very impressive.

A LIVING LEGEND3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Personally.Dante is a clone,in hades,in armor out of luck and lacking in gameplay.Don't get me wrong,likely decent but 'decent' doesn't cut it.Bayonetta is a DMC reversal,a sort of ' where do we go from here' type moment.
One attempts to be an answer and another raises a question.Good enough to dethrone the god of war or stylish enough to overcome the god of gameplay?.I say neither.
The GOW trilogy is is an(or to be) epic tale of betrayal,lust,and vengeance set upon an epic,albeit exaggerated,background.The gameplay is top notch and the execution superb.No heels with bullets,no hell with beards
DMC fans rejoice! GOW fans,the wait is nearly over =)

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