Target's after Christmas video game sales

From Gamertell:

"This Sunday's paper contains Target's after Christmas sale flier, and if you're looking to spend any gift cards or Christmas cash on video games, you may want to stop by between December 27, 2009 and January 2, 2010. Target may not have any substantial discounts on systems after the holidays, but there's a great assortment of games on sale."

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Staircase3216d ago

Is it just me, or do none of these deals show on the site?

Am i missing something here?

kalebgray923216d ago

i work at target and can tell you the stock is kept almost at a minimum

HOSe3216d ago

nba 2k10 for $40 is a steal

Schu-Man3216d ago

I saw in the article that The Conduit was on sale for $15 and called my wife who was shopping in Fort Wayne, IN to have her look for it. She went to two of the three stores there, couldn't find it and was told by an employee that it was likely an online deal. I went to and found the limited edition of The Conduit for $30, but I really don't care about getting that version. Is it possible that that flyer could be for stores in a certain area or are all flyers like that nation-wide?

poet2153216d ago

Target's pricing can actually vary from store to store. Something priced at $15 in one store, may very well be $30 in a different store. My cousin has a corporate position with the company, and she was explaining it to me how during the holidays, a particular Christmas tree was priced on a $40 differential between stores & how customers were trying to get refunded the difference, but being

Schu-Man3214d ago

Alright, I'm done posting now.

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