Playboy Teases Us With the Ultimate Coulda-Been Game

Tucked in this Playboy profile of a con man who ripped off the Pentagon is this tantalizing nugget: A company claimed to be working on an adaptation of Road House, the 1989 Patrick Swayze vehicle and Cinemax staple.

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iceman29293216d ago

" House ...ROADHOUSE...That too"
dr house plus peter griffon FTW

Rocket Sauce3216d ago

I think I just filled the cup...

farsided3216d ago

...was awesome. but a game? no thank you. I like to remember my Swayze as the dirty dancing superstar he was, not the video gaming travesty he might have been.

TenSteps3216d ago

because I honestly read that as "Patrick Swayze has a Dirty Dancing video game".

Elwenil3216d ago

I'd prefer to remember him as "Jed" from Red Dawn, which is probably the only movie he made worthy of any sort of news.

3216d ago