The Top 15 Most Influential Video Games Of The Decade

Here is a listing of the top 15 most influential video games of the decade and the reasons why.

Halo (2001) - Nintendo's Goldeneye 007 was the game that took multiplayer first-person shooting on game consoles and made it mainstream. But it was Halo that truly rallied the troops. When the futuristic shooter debuted alongside the Xbox in 2001, its well-tuned controls made Halo the rallying point for a new generation of gamers. Of course, the tangle of CAT-5 cables at every Halo LAN party was also ground zero for the culture of frat-boy gamers that plague Xbox Live. You win some, you lose some.

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-Alpha3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I am now awaiting the angry PS3 fans who are going to criticize the list for lack of PS3 games.

Though, in my opinion, (It may be too early to call them influential), but I think LBP/Demon's Souls/Uncharted 2 will definitely be remembered and considered influential. At least I hope so.

Also, with Uncharted 2, it should deserve a honorable mention at least as it did set standards, but of course it's much too early to call it influential which is probably why it wasn't on the list.

I usually disagree with lists, but this one was pretty great, and the ones I was confused with (Brain Age, Happy Farm) were given validating reasons.

Sunny_D3220d ago

Why are you trying to prevent a fire by just starting one? You just added the first amounts of fuel to the flame Alpha-Male22. -_-

The_Zeitgeist3220d ago

@ Alpha Male

I don't understand how you can really call Uncharted 2 influential. I mean sure it is the best cinematic game to date. I'll give you that. But as far as level design and game play mechanics go Uncharted 2 is more of a collection of the best innovations of the past 10 years. The game is awesome. My favorite game of the year by far. But influential it is not.

thereapersson3220d ago

While there may not be any PS3 games on that list, there are still PS2 games on that list, and are therefore still within the Sony family of consoles. Not sure why you are complaining about PS3 fanboys and then you proceed to attempt a flame war?

Ravage273220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I cant believe they left out GOW and ICO/SoTC. Looking at all the action/adventure games released in the past 5 years, the influence the GOW series had on them is undeniable.

As for the lack of current gen games in that list, it's because there isn't enough time for them to truly influence the industry. I'm pretty sure games like UC2,Demon's Souls,LBP and the ever-popular COD series will be in that list 10 years down the road.

toaster3220d ago

Obvious fanboy is obvious.

A Cupcake for Gabe3220d ago

Oh Halo: Combat Evolved. That was the best in the series.

I remember staying up for hours, all night playing with friends on split screen.

It's kind of sad that because because of Online Gaming, no one really gets together anymore and plays split screen. I think Offline Multiplayer is something I'll always remember and miss. Ok now let's do some matchmaking and proceed with the

A Cupcake for Gabe3220d ago

I just noticed LittleBigPlanet and God of War weren't on the list. But Bejeweled and whatever the hell Happy Farm is.

But like hell brain age is higher than Metroid Prime. It's still the greatest First Person Exploration Adventure game ever created.((ENERGY))

cygnuszero3220d ago

Yeah you cannot put Uncharted 2 on that list, and not put Gears of War. U2 is a carbon copy of Gears in a different setting. Gears was a much bigger deal, and sold like 5x as many copies, and really helped kick off the 3PS cover gameplay this gen.

Uncharted 2, while still a great game, doesnt deserve to be on this list, especially if Gears isnt on it.

bjornbear3220d ago

although i personally would sub. MGS2 with MGS1 simply because for its time it did far more, however i loved MGS2 a lot.

other than that, its solid, although never heard of Happy Farm xD

click 2 get virus3220d ago

why would ps3 get mad at this list?? most of the games on the list was on the ps2

ico923220d ago

why isnt resident evil 4 in that list it gave birth to over the shoulder shooting

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RedDragan3220d ago

I have only played one of them!

And that was Half-Life 2... the others influenced me in no way at all and I doubt very much they influenced gaming in any way as well.

farsided3220d ago

are missing out! just because you didn't play them doesn't mean they didn't have a big impact on the industry. did you just start playing video games or something? I know I didn't really get into games until about 6 years ago, and I've played 10 of the 15...

it's pretty senseless to explain the impact each of those games has, because the article does a good enough job of it on its own.

bjornbear3220d ago

the sims? Halo: combat evolved? MSG2? Grand theft auto 3?!!

Let me tell you from a fellow video gamer to another, you have missed out a lot...

dgroundwater3219d ago

I never agreed with the claim that Half Life is "The thinking man's shooter." Anyone with half a brain can ace 90% of the game just by blasting around.

I think the plot is what actually makes the game intelligent. It's so unlike the Hollywood wannabe games that flood the market. The characters and storytelling are not forced or larger than life.

kaveti66163219d ago

Man, I have never disagreed with someone more adamantly in my entire life.

Grand Theft Auto III, nay, the series as a whole is one of the most influential to the sandbox open-world style of gaming.

Halo CE was probably the first seamless, slick-controlled FPS shooter for consoles and whether or not you liked the series, the monster sales have influenced many developers to add multiplayer components to their games to maintain replay value. Bioshock 2 comes to mind.

Silent Hill, if you havent played at least one iteration of this game, then you have not lived.

World of Warcraft, although I hate it, has revitalized the market for MMOs. Now every developer who designs an MMO game probably looks at what WoW did right so they can emulate some aspects of it.

From that list, Half-Life 2 is probably one of the least influential FPS shooters in its respective genre. Most FPS games still have cutscenes that tell a story, many still have outspoken protagonists.

Battlefield 2 is the influential FPS overall, not half-life.

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sealion883220d ago

deus Ex
Max Payne
god of war
Star Wars
Gears of War
UT 2004?

Jamescagney3220d ago

I agree with you, but I also agree with what's on the list. Maybe a bigger list was neccessary, I'd struggle to make a top 15 I think.

bjornbear3220d ago

Deus Ex and SoTC are probably two of my favorite games ever, but these lists will always have different games.

Although this isn't a perfect list, then again there is no perfect list other than your own ;)

But yeah I wish one of team ico's games was included =/

moegooner883220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Wat about Final Fantasy 7 and God of war?

Sickr3219d ago

I knew one person would be stupid enough to enquire why Final Fantasy VII wasn't on the list. Congratulations.

MajestieBeast3220d ago

Think god of war shouldve been on the list and any team ico game before bejeweld!

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