Mass Effect 2's save game import features explained

This past summer, we learned that Mass Effect 2 players could import save files from the previous entry in the franchise, bringing all of the decisions made in the first game into the sequel. But are decisions capable of decimating hordes of insidious, robotic invaders? No, boosted stats and abilities are -- and according to a recent forum post from BioWare Community Coordinator Chris Priestly, players who import their saves will get access to these as well.

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we won3219d ago

Well this has always been about the choices made and the character people built, when it comes to old files from the first game. No one expected to be maxed out in ME2 lol.

gaffyh3218d ago

Sweet, although I can't remember what level I was when I finished the game...can you continue the game after finishing Mass Effect? i.e. to increase your level, I've never tried it.

Myst3218d ago

Yes, if your talking about replaying again with the same character then yes, I'm doing that now to max out my level and just doing the main missions over and over again while trying to figure out who to talk to so it carries over into two.

gaffyh3218d ago

@above - Yes that's what I meant, will have to play it again now if I'm not fully levelled up. Do your weapons etc. carry over?

StuffRokz3218d ago

your stats and equipment do carry over. it's kinda like new game+. gotta love starting off with a boatload of cash and quality weapons.

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bioshock12213219d ago

So just bonuses not bad I guess

we won3219d ago

Bonuses for the leveling, like I said why would you be maxed out in the start of ME2? The character you made and who you are based on the choices you made is more important and going to work with the new game.


The decision to save either Kaidan or Ashley.

Whether or not the player kills Wrex on Virmire.

Whether or not the player decides to save the Citadel Council at the end of Mass Effect.

The player's choice of love interest.

Whether the player spares or destroys the Rachni Queen at Peak 15.

The player's treatment of Conrad Verner.

Whether or not the player completed the UNC: Asari Diplomacy sidequest.

Whether the player chose to allow the Alliance to conduct experiments on Nirali Bhatia's body

These have been confirmed i quite worried about sparing the Rachni queen and not having Nirali Bhatias body to be examined and am not to worried about the council like they believed anything you said.

Myst3219d ago

*Shudders at the words "New Game Plus"* Demon's Souls makes people fear for New Game with additional pluses.

Anyway pretty interesting, and suppose I'll max out my character this week and get a bit more money as well for the heck of it.

farsided3218d ago

you haven't maxed out the possible amount of cash yet? ;)

Myst3218d ago

I was going to this week in between work and all that, but my family brought my little cousins over and I don't trust them around with the 360 being the way it is. They'd move it in a heart beat. They left now so back to leveling and figuring out which choices I want to stick with!

farsided3218d ago

through another playthrough so I can hit 60 and get those sweet, sweet rewards! I just gotta remember all the choices I made so I can repeat them!

miasma3218d ago

bring the character I made in the first to the second. I created this real bad ass chick and love playing the game as that character. Any rewards and such are just bonuses. Can't wait for this! D1P!!

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The story is too old to be commented.