100 PS3 Games of 2010 – Part 6

Welcome back from your turkey-induced coma. Conscious of the fact that you're undoubtedly anxious to return to those awesome games you got yesterday (and Rogue Warrior), we continue with the next ten games on the list.

More than half way there now.

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cyberwaffles3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

don't you guys know? there aren't any games on the ps3


Towers763216d ago

You've got 2 Disagrees! I guess no one's picking up on the sarcasm.

cyberwaffles3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

or maybe they do :O


Odreus3216d ago

to see The Last Guardian 2010 in the PAL territories. Other Ps3 games? Not really interested ...

Towers763216d ago

Their games are spread across many different genres from what I can see. Plus there's probably quite a few games from SCE's 1st and 2nd party partners that haven't been revealed yet. Personally I'm hoping for a PS3 Syphon Filter game and a new Twisted Metal but those probably won't release until 2011 if at all.

mastiffchild3216d ago

When it releases IDK but I'm happy to put money on a PS3 SF being announced sometime in 2010. I've heard WAY too many rumours of it's development following the successes on PSP over the past 18months to feel it isn't pretty far on already and prolly using that missing 8Days/Getaway tech to boot. Obviously, there's no reason to believe what I suggest but mark my words there's gonna be a 1020 announcement on PS3 SF for certain.

As for TM, I think we all know it's a likely E3 announcement from Jaffe(though if it makes GDC a 2010 release should be a goer, no?)for a release sometime from early 2011 onwards.

I'm also hyped for Syphon Filter this year especially since we're not getting a true MGS(not knocking rising without seeing it but it just isn't aiming for the same kind of thing really-and PW, whiile it looks cool as anything is still JUST a PSP game-even if it IS the best one ever made!)and think with SC:C looking so great(seriously-looking forward to that more than ME2, Reach OR AW put together right now)for PS360 and I reckon they'll REALLY pull out all the stops to reboot the franchise for this generation and finally get it out of the shadow of Snake and Sam.

Towers763216d ago

It's just a matter of time before SF winds up on the PS3. The only real knock against the PSP titles is the lack of a second analog nub which won't be a problem on the PS3. I'd like to see Sony position it as a continuation of the storyline from the PSP titles but I wouldn't mind a reboot. Just so long as they kept the gameplay from the PSP titles intact.

Udidntlistenpunk3216d ago

We swim in the amount of games on the PS3, bots.

You swim in your drool.

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