Next Generation 2012.. Sony to change processor design

There have been many calls recently on the timing of the next generation of consoles for all systems. Gamers have had good reason to expect a new generation as the standard timeline for a console lifespan has already exceeded itself going into 2010 for the Xbox360, with the PS3 and Wii lagging behind by just a few months. This week Japanese technology insider Hiroshige Goto reiterated a claim that "next generation timeframe is around 2012 (2011 being difficult and possibly as late as 2013) with the Wii HD being seen as the exception." The newest generation of portable devices will be the next generation of gaming to come before the next generation of consoles.
Goto also says "Sony was looking into using an updated SPU design in the core of the PS4, and recently has heard of other plans.....

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Dr_Nefarious3216d ago

I can see the next gen consoles coming out in 2012 myself. I hope sony comes out first seeing how it is I do not like to have to pay to play online.

zeeshan3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

I think there is life in the current-gen consoles. Xbox360 and PS3 library still has room for plenty more. A lot of people believe that Xbox360 has been maxed and it's life will not be as long as that of PS3 but I believe that there is still more juice left to be squeezed out of these consoles. The new games cost a lot of money to develop, market and what not.

New console means new tech and I don't think that the developers will be happy to move spend more money learning the new tech any time soon.

If anything, I'd like to see the current last longer (that we anticipate) and the prices of games reduced to say $45-50.

leila013215d ago

Hahaha, I spilled my coffee when I read that.
Credibility = 0

kaveti66163215d ago


Biggest hurdle when developing with PS3 is discrete SPUs requiring discrete compilers and having discrete memory.

That's pretty much it. It's not rocket science. Programmers always had to plan out how they would design their games on the PS3 because it required that they split up their instructions into 6 pieces among the SPUs. This became tedious so a lot of programmers didn't even use some of the SPUs. Sony should pool the RAM and update the Cell so all the SPUs can work one compiler.

DrWan3215d ago

that would defeat the purpose of parallel processing

Cold 20003215d ago

I so do not care about a new gen of consoles right now.

cyberwaffles3215d ago

2012 eh? perfect timing...just right before we all die.

lol just messing, i don't believe in that. it's just the mayan calender stating how all the planets will align again.

kaveti66163215d ago

Not necessarily, my good sir. Inexperienced programmers could take advantaged of the unified architecture by having the SPUs work on the same tasks, which of course would NOT be parallel processing.

However, experienced developers like Naughty Dog and Guerrilla Games could still have each SPU performing a different task. The only change this time around would be the pooled RAM. It would still be considered parallel processing because the SPUs would be performing tasks independently of one another if the programmer chose to do it that way. Hell if Sony wanted, they could have both pooled RAM and discrete memory, so that each SPU could have its own cache of memory to work with, but could also draw memory from a communal pool of memory if it needed it.

Parallel processing is not really a necessary attribute to have powerful hardware. Some argue that a full unified architecture is the way to go, as long as there are plenty of cores. If NVIDIA's FERMI chip has like 400 unified cores, it's more powerful than chip with 300 discrete cores performing discrete tasks in parallel because a programmer can do anything he wants with unified architecture.

rambi803215d ago

with so many companies facing financial difficulty and complaining about production costs - late 2013 seems the earliest.

Except for nintendo who will probably repeat their strategy of low spec hardware.

whoelse3215d ago

Wii HD aside, we certainly won't see a next-gen console before 2012. I think Sony will be making sure they don't arrive 12 months after the 360 (and even more in Europe) this time around.

Noctis Aftermath3215d ago

Let's just hope microsoft doesn't jump the gun next gen, we all know they only done it to try and get gamecube and playstation owners to buy their system and the build quality of their hardware proves it.

GCNSean3214d ago

If any company needs to hit first, it should be Nintendo. While I love the Wii, the system is just outdated. SD graphics are a thing of the past now. If Nintendo can give me a HD Wii with 360/PS3 graphics I will be happy. Right now I am happy with my 360 and PS3.

DeadlyFire3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

I believe with the new Cloud gaming platforms set to debut around 2010-2013 it is likely that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will wait until they are on the market before throwing their console out there. Although with the way things are updated now with PSN and Xbox Live through the internet. Its possible they could just add in those services when they see fit with the old and new consoles.

I still say 2011 is very likely year for PS4, and Wii 2/Nintendo 6th console. 2012 may be more likely for Xbox 720 or whatever though. Either way its very likely people will know a year before they are released as always at E3. With all the new Cloud gaming platforms to be announced it would be surprising for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to just sit on the sidelines and say nothing about a new console.

I say PS4 is most likly to use Power 7 CPU now. Since Cell is dead end road IBM says. Cell 2's designs will still be released in 2010 though I believe it is what IBM said. I don't think a Cell 3 will exist though.

Either way the coming years will be interesting. Some think 2012 is the end. Just because there are 12 months and 12 years on a calender doesn't mean there isn't another page to it.

travelguy2k3214d ago

before the next Sony system, then i hope Sony just holds off for 2 years. Then it will not even be the same generation as Microsoft. Microsoft and Nintendo can have a generation all to themselves. I think the PS3 can compete with their next consoles for at least 2 years, until developers figure them out, then BAM!! Sony hits us with a new console that kills the competition from the start and has all that potential.

Anyway, thats what i would do if i was Sony.

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Johnny53216d ago

Its only a matter of time before you have to pay for Playstation Network, or at least a premium version of it.

zeeshan3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Yes but that will be optional and not mendatory. Current PSN service will remain free which is great. It serves the purpose which is gaming online :)

RedDragan3214d ago

Johnny, don't be an idiot.

Sony are using the free online gaming as a marketting tool that Microsoft cannot use.

There are already parts of PSN that make them money, and that is micro-transactions. These micro-transactions made PSN over £500M profit throughout 2008-2009.

The new subscription service will not include gaming online which will remain free.

mfwahwah3214d ago

I'd take you seriously if you had some actual arguments other than "a matter of time."

I honestly don't believe SONY would ever make gamers pay to play online with other gamers. It's not like them at all.

A premium version has actually been rumored recently, though (image related). This could be fine, since you might just be paying for things like "cloud storage space for games, discounts on store content, and free access to PSOne classics, PSP Minis, and premium PS3/PSP theme."

bioshock12213216d ago

Well I don't expect the new consoles to come out by atleast late 2011 at the earliest which is good for me.

i_am_interested3215d ago

although it would be cool to see some form of Cell, it doesnt matter what it is as long as they take backwards compatibility into account

Kamikaze1353215d ago

The consoles seems to be good at the moment and there really isn't a need for a complete hardware overhaul at the moment. Though Nintendo should release Wii HD before then >_>

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