New Nier Trailer Stronger Than A Cup Of Coffee

Nier, Square Enix's unapologetically mature action-RPG, is already positioning itself to break the mold of what the publisher is known for. Developer Cavia (behind Square's M-rated Drakengard series) has remained tight-lipped about game details till this point. What we do know is that the game is titled after the main character, who is searching for a way to cure his daughter of a black disease that is plaguing the world.

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Raoh3217d ago

i'm confused on the article, is this for the xbox or playstain version?

isnt square making two games, generally the same game/world/characters but with one being more jrpg style anime for the ps3 and one more western life like characters for the 360?

so which is this reporting on?

rdgneoz33217d ago

The 2 versions are suppose to be one for Japan on the ps3 with a brother / sister relationship (I believe) and a less bulky main character, and one for the rest of the world made for western audiences with a father / daughter relationship and a bulky main character for the ps3 and 360. So this is the later.

Mr Bot3217d ago

all i heard is audio and 2 pictures in that article

STONEY43217d ago

Well if you can hear the audio then it's fine, you're not missing anything, the video itself is just the game's logo in front of a black background.

GrandDragon3216d ago

I think its a female who has been posses by a Male demon on her left hand side...

To call her a hermaphrodite is incorrect, or it may be an inaccurate/ misinterpretation. Often sexuality can be expressed metaphorically so its difficult to discern without actually getting a confirmation by the developers themselves.

The fact that she is portraying her sexuality to that extent must mean she is battling with her demon side or it may reflect her troublesome upbringing.

rockleex3215d ago


You just gave me some ideas. >:D

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young juice3217d ago

so umm she/he is a male demon in a womans body. i havent been this confused about what i should look at since i watched james camerons avatar.

Kamikaze1353217d ago

The US is getting the Japanese 360 version of Nier on both the PS3 and 360.

Aleusia3217d ago

You really dont think we're gonna get Replicant in the west at some point on PS3 exclusively?

more people are excited for replicant than gestalt anyway, I know I am.

Do you really think it's not coming?

young juice3217d ago

so this is an american trailer of a game thats not coming to america

Bigpappy3217d ago

JRPGs for grown-up? Color me "paying attention".

Baba19063217d ago

i thought it was an action game not a jrpg. maybe im wrong.

sinncross3217d ago

Too bad that, judging from vids, the gameplay looks very weak.

MK_Red3217d ago

Actually, there are a lot of JRPGs for grown ups. Most of Shin Migami Tensai (Spelling?) titles are rated M and the Persona games are both mature and excellent.

Also, a crazy girl that swears a lot isn't exactly grown up. More like a crazy teenager and a nuthouse escapee.

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Aleusia3217d ago

Why do people keep saying Replicant isn't going to come out in the west? it's the ps3 version of nier..the better of the two in my opinion..why wouldn't they release it over here?

is this more xbot wishful thinking im sensing? I don't recall SE ever saying they would not be releasing Replicant in the West.

Son_Lee3217d ago

I haven't heard that they aren't either. They should definitely give us the option. Japan may think that type of stuff won't sell here, but we want the developers' true vision for the game, not something they thought of last-minute just to adapt to Western audiences. Give me Replicant. Nevertheless, my excitement for this game just went higher. As if I need another game to buy this Spring. Holy Macaroni that's a LOT of cash out my wallet from January-May.

On another note, anyone notice this little nugget? Nier has a Gestalt version, while the summons in FFXIII can go into Gestalt mode. Any relation there? Hmm? Just an interesting parallel I guess.

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