The art of fine tuning in Forza II

Forza Motorsport II has been out for a couple of weeks now, and even the far-flung regions of the former British Empire might be receiving their copies. The online community is buzzing, the racing is furious, and people are beginning to discover the depths of the game.

One of those depths involves fine-tuning the cars. Out of the box they're perfectly acceptable, but if you're chasing those last few tenths, or you want to try and make your car a little less (or even a little more) tail happy, then you're going to want to start altering your settings. Even on a car with no modifications, it's a wise idea to bump up your tire pressures a few PSI, but once you have a fully adjustable suspension, it can be tricky knowing just what to alter. What's more, it can be fairly easy to ruin the handling of a car by making changes in the wrong direction.

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Megapixel3d4738d ago

I need a class on the art of the tuning the cars. Aside from adding the upgrades. I am lost on how to tune it. Need to talk to me car guru bubby about tuning now.